Missed call reminder, Flash on call

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Do you forget to ignore missed calls on your mobile phone? I think you are facing excessive losses.

That means that sometimes when others need help, they give a miss call or if our relations and loved ones give a miss call, we sometimes ignore it.

If you don’t pay attention to it after many hours, there is a chance of cracks in the relationship and it also leads to the loss of many things. So we are going to provide a permanent solution to this issue in this website article.

Why should you pay more attention if you get a missed call?

For example, if someone gives a missed call to your mobile, if you don’t notice it, we will be late to contact them, they will be waiting for our contact, and thus we will have to face a lot of bitter experiences at the moment. So this matter should be completely avoided.

This means that when our phone misses our ringtone, it goes off with a small noise, it doesn’t reach our ears, so we forget to see it, or we just ignore it. At such a moment we need better help.

What is the best way to let us know about a missed call?

We took a lot of time and research for this matter and selected an application from a well-experienced website with great support.

This application can help you with a completely different workflow. That means if you get a miss call it will remind you if you don’t see the missed call.

For example, when you leave your phone behind while going to the shower or sleeping, even while traveling on the bus, you forget to notice Miss Morning.

At such a moment, even after the missed call stops, our mobile flashlight will be on to remind us about it, and at the same time, we will hear a sound, by making sure that someone has given us a missed call, we can contact them immediately and talk about the necessary matter.

So, that we can successfully do many things in many moments and avoid unnecessary bitter experiences, the best application that can help in this matter is given below in this website article.

Note: All information related to this application is clearly linked below, including video, photo, and download options related to this application, please read and download and use them clearly.

Play store details

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationMissed call reminder, Flash on call
Nowadays Installs500,000+ Downloads
App Size1.90MB
Offered ByMohammed Malhas
App PolicyPrivacy
Website Of AppVisit
Contact[email protected]
AddressKomendansky pr., d. 14 a/ya 196, Osokin Daniil Saint-Petersburg, 197372 Russia
Released OnJun 2, 2022

Missed call and SMS / MMS reminder with profiles. Useful on phones without an LED indicator.


  • Support profiles.
  • Remind by: sound, vibration, turning the screen on, camera flash (not all devices are supported), LED indicator.
  • Remind about: missed calls, unread SMS, and MMS messages.
  • Notifications for third-party apps (only in the Premium version).
  • Content filter (only in the Premium version).
  • Night mode.
  • Customizable notification schedule: order of notifications, repeat interval and repeats count.
  • You can set different reminders for missed calls and unread messages.
  • Option to disable the sound when you set your phone in silent mode.
  • Option to ignore accidental (short) calls.
  • Does not disturb during a call.
  • Widgets.
  • Flash on call.
  • Plugin for Tasker / Locale.

More Features

  • No ads.
  • Safe (no Internet permission, no Root access).
  • Compact size.
  • Low memory consumption.
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How to download it?

Below is the option on our website to download the application, and when installing this application on the mobile it will ask for some permissions on the mobile to do its work.

If all things are done correctly, this application will keep reminding you of all the miscalls coming on your mobile. For More details see the video.

How does it work?

A person gives you a miss call and you are traveling on a bus and suddenly there is a loud noise around you, you can’t see the missed call on your phone, it is not in your ears.

But even after missing a call, your mobile flashlight will keep on flashing the alarm, this will help you to remind minute by minute that you have missed a call and call him immediately and ask him what is the matter. It is noteworthy that this helps us a lot.

Missed call reminder, Flash on call
Confidential BlurFake SMS
Control CenterScreenshot Deleter

My opinion

Mobile is a device invented to communicate with each other, in which we do many things now, but it is very helpful to communicate with someone instantly.

Sometimes if there is no balance in the mobile phone to talk, it is customary to give a miscall, when giving a miscall, the person should be contacted immediately and meet his needs, ask what the problem is, that is why a person gives a miscall.

We should not ignore this or forget it by mistake, if we leave it without seeing it, the person who gave us a missed call will not get help.

It is very good to get help to overcome such problems and too if there is help from the google play store it will be a good thing, so you can use it and share it with your friends.

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