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Too many screenshots saved on your phone for future reference? Are you facing difficulty in deleting the required screenshot? If you are looking for great help to avoid this issue that causes your mobile storage to get too full then we are waiting to help you.

For example, there are too many data transfers taking place on mobile. screenshots are taken by the mobile to record those transfers as future proof, and they take up too much space on the mobile, thus slowing down the speed of the mobile.

This kind of activity leads to the accumulation of unnecessary screenshot waste in the future. But we can’t delete the required screenshot, we have to keep it safe for life.

How about a chance that the screenshot taken will be automatically deleted after the next few seconds? Don’t think about it, it can be such a great opportunity and the help for that is what is available to you in this website article.

The screenshot will be automatically deleted after a few seconds

We can’t take this thing for granted, because when we buy a mobile phone, the storage in it is very empty, and in the future, thousands of screenshots we take will accumulate and take over it completely.

So we take every screenshot to share with friends and for office work, at the same moment we share it with others immediately but we forget to delete that shared screenshot after some time i.e. a few seconds later.

At times like this all of them get added like unnecessary garbage to our mobile and to avoid this we created this website article for people.

At the same time, this website article will help you to save some screenshots on your mobile for life which can be considered an important document and future source.

This website article is designed to be a simple way that you can save the required screenshot photo for a lifetime, you can take unwanted screenshot photos and share them with others and get deleted automatically after a few moments.

Best Auto Screenshot Deleter App

To do this thing we may need the help of a better performing application, whereas that application should ensure our security, so we focus more attention on the search for this.

Then we selected an excellent The screenshot will be automatically deleted after a few seconds of application from Google’s official website Play Store, so your main problem will be solved with this application.

After you take a screenshot it will automatically ask you after how long it should be deleted, then if you say yes and press the button then the screenshot will be deleted automatically after the specified time.

If not it will also ask you whether you want to save it for a lifetime, which you can answer with a tap of your fingers on your mobile display. We designed this website article to provide this easily so that we don’t miss such a special Android application.

Note: We have a small request from you, below we have clearly collected all the information related to this application. The information was given by the developer of this application on the Play Store.

Also, some photos and videos related to this application are included, see all clearly and know the full details and use them, you should definitely get the help with this application, and without missing this opportunity.

play store app details

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationAuto Screenshot Deleter
Nowadays Installs10,000+ Downloads
App Size2.53MB
Offered ByTehleel Mir
App PolicyPrivacy
Website Of AppVisit
Contact[email protected]
Released OnNov 30, 2020

What is this App?

Mark helps you to store solely that screenshot that you really want to store in your phone by marking the temporary screenshots.

With just one tap, you can mark the screenshot to get automatically deleted at a specified time no need to go through your screenshot directory again to pinch out those useless and transient screenshots that you just took for 2 min use only.

How to use this App?

Auto Screenshot Deleter app

After you have taken the screenshot, you will be notified with a notification with a button ‘YES’. Just click on the ‘YES’ button if you want that screenshot to get deleted automatically.

And you can define your own deleting time in Mark app after which the screenshot will be deleted. You can also use the “Auto clear option” to robotically cancel/clear notifications after 40 seconds if being ignored.

Best Auto Screenshot Deleter
Auto Screenshot Deleter
Auto Screenshot Deleter 2022
Auto Screenshot Deleter app

How to download this application?

Below is the option to download the application, click on it to go to the play store. Note that while installing this application there are chances to ask for some permissions.

If all the things are done correctly and the application is installed on the mobile then you will definitely get the help on your mobile based on all the information we have read in this website article. Maybe, if you want more info? please see the video.

Auto Screenshot Deleter
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My Opinion

Android mobile is designed as a product that can be customized according to what we think, so everyone can change it according to their needs and use some applications.

In that way, we are confident that this application that we have recommended in this website article will also take the top spot. And we are designing and providing more than a hundred such website articles.

Please take some time to read the articles on our website clearly and get more benefits and share this information with others. Meanwhile, we recommend you bookmark the website for future good articles.

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