Stylish Incoming Call Notification Edge Screen Lighting

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Mobile is a device designed for us to communicate with each other and exchange information, so when we communicate, even when we receive a text message, it looks normal.

If you want to switch it up and get a lighting effect that sounds like a full rainbow colour then we will surely help you bring rainbow cry to your mobile.

What we are going to recommend to you in this article is a fantastic Edge Lighting screen effect app. Don’t think that it only works for edge lighting for incoming calls on your phone, it will feature all the text messages, information, notifications, etc. that might come to your phone.

Stylish Incoming Call Notification Edge Screen Lighting

Why Edge Screen Lighting app is needed?

For example, if you are looking at your mobile phone among others, perhaps you are texting, then you are travelling on a bus, it is noteworthy that there will be lighting in it so that others will be surprised when they take out the mobile phone and look at it.

In this case, we can see many lighting apps, Android mobile has started creating thousands and millions of applications.

At that time we have to choose a good call screen light application, that application should not harm the mobile and should not detract from its work.

Below are some examples.

  • An application should always be downloaded from the official website.
  • The application should be getting proper updates from time to time.
  • The app should not ask for unnecessary permissions on mobile.
  • Don’t overload the smartphone.

We have researched many such things and selected one of the best Android Edge Screen apps and we have included details about that application clearly below in the article for you.

Below are the comments and photos from its creator along with our comments, and we have provided an opportunity to download this call light display app directly on the Play Store.

Because we know Play Store is a trusted website, not just a website we support, but a trusted website you support too.

Why should we use it?

You may wonder why we need to use such an application, For example, mobile is a luxury item, it was not then but it is definitely a luxury item in today’s time.

The reason is that we have spent a lot of money and bought a mobile with high megapixels and a good quality display, at such a moment we compare our mobiles with others.

The best thing about this is that the Android mobile can be customized as in our opinion, We have started using some of these applications to make our Android mobile stand out among others.

In that way this application takes the first place, whenever we are forced to pick up our mobile in public places, it means we have some message on our mobile.

That’s when we take our phone out of the bag, and when we take it out, this Edge Screen Lighting application has the ability to flash a colourful light around the mobile display, and then there is no doubt that others will be amazed by you.

Play store details

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationCall Screen
Nowadays Installs5,000,000+ Downloads
App Size9MB
Offered ByAZ Mobile Software
App Policy
Website Of App
Contact[email protected]
AddressNo.31 Pastuer, Hai Chau, Da Nang, Viet Nam
Released OnFeb 24, 2021

Edge Lighting: LED Notification Light, Call & SMS application adds beautiful curved rounded corners light on your mobile home screen and locks the screen.

Battery Saver: The Edge Lighting: LED Notification Light, Call & SMS application is optimized to save battery power.


  • Set multi-colour screen edge to live wallpaper.
  • Adjust Display Notch edge width, edge height, edge top, and edge bottom notch radius as per your device notch
  • Adjust animation speed, width, bottom, and top curve radius
  • Multiple cool formats and colours of frames and borders are available.
  • Customize the Notch setting as per your device notch from settings.
  • You can use any wallpaper within the border light with opacity customization and set wallpaper.
  • Display over other apps, display EDGE Lighting over all other applications on your phone and see a beautiful lighting experience.

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How does this app work?

This application can decorate your phone with multiple lights, whenever your phone receives any SMS from social media platforms like WhatsApp or Messenger.

And Instagram will welcome you with coloured lights and you can customize the age lighting animation to your liking.

Also, if there is an incoming call on your mobile phone and your mobile phone is on the table, then your mobile phone will light up in many colours and everyone will sweat.

Even when your mind is tired you can feel refreshed by seeing the brightness of these lights on your mobile phone. This is how it all works, we assume you may have understood by now.

How to download it?

To download this light effect for incoming calls application you need to go to the Play Store, the opportunity for that is created for you in this website article.

The Play Store is the official website, from where it is best to download the application. However, we have designed this article to recommend a good application, discuss more information about it, and why it is needed, and we have made it easy to go to the Play Store.

Disclaimers: All copyrights are reserved for their respective owners. If you notice that any content in our app violates copyrights then please inform us so that we remove that content.

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Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the “Edge Lighting: LED Notification Light, Call & SMS” app:

What is Edge Lighting?

Edge Lighting is a feature that adds a curved, rounded light effect to the edges of your mobile device’s screen when you receive notifications.

How do I customize the Edge Lighting colours and effects?

You can customize the colours, animation speed, width, and other parameters within the app settings.

Can I set different colours for different types of notifications?

The app may offer options to set different colours or effects for specific types of notifications like calls or SMS. Check the app settings for this feature.

Will Edge Lighting drain my battery?

No, the app is optimized for battery efficiency to minimize power consumption while providing lighting effects.

How do I adjust the Edge Lighting to fit my device’s notch?

You can adjust the notch settings in the app to match the dimensions and position of your device’s notch.

Where can I find the app’s Privacy Policy?

The app’s Privacy Policy is available at the provided link: Privacy Policy.

If you have more specific questions or need further assistance with the app, feel free to ask.

My opinion

We have discussed in this website article that mobile is a luxury item and surely it is considered as such a luxury item.

Especially, not everyone can afford a mobile phone because there are many poor people, even if they are poor, a mobile phone is a necessity for a person.

So we designed this website article to help you realize that you can create many beautiful things like this even on a budget mobile phone.

Apart from that, we are definitely proud to recommend an application from the Google Play Store because it is recommended from a good website for a good cause.

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