Fake SMS to an Existing Conversation

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Are you feeling restless due to petty fights with your loved ones or boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you curious to know whether their mobile is currently switched off or in use when you try to contact them via mobile at such moments? Do you want to know that without them knowing it?

This thing is a bit different, an application that can help you turn your relationship fights into sweet experiences. Secretly know their mobile status and appease their anger.

Use Of send silent SMS

That is, if you don’t talk to someone because of something sad when you want to contact them again, we are going to provide great help in this website article that will help you to know whether their mobile phone is currently accepting your call or it is switched off.

After spending many hours we have selected a good application and started writing this article, with this application you can check whether someone’s mobile is currently receiving SMS and receiving your phone calls without knowing, so this article will definitely help you.

Note: It would be better if the developer who made this said more information about it than us. We have made it clear why this is needed, however, the developer’s comments may provide additional information regarding this application.

So we have collected them from Play Store and compiled them below for you, take some time and look carefully, the information includes related photos and videos, so it will help to give you more explanations.

Play Store details

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationExisting SMS, fake SMS to an existing conversation
Nowadays Installs1000+ Downloads
App SizeVaries with device
Offered ByMohammed Malhas
App PolicyPrivacy
Website Of AppVisit
Contact[email protected]
Released OnJun 2, 2022

SMS editor here you can edit an existing SMS, and also add a fake SMS to an existing conversation, in simple words you can customize and edit any SMS message on your phone, for sure you edit the SMS body, date, and message status.

Before editing an SMS the app will ask to be a “Default SMS Handler” accept this, it’s important for editing or for backup and restores.

When your edits are finished make sure to revert back to your default SMS app (Messages) by opening your SMS app and setting it as “Default SMS Handler”.

After reverting to your default SMS application wait for moments to see your changes and your new fake SMS messages!

More Info

  • SMS Backup and Restore are used for exporting and importing SMS messages and conversations.
  • To take the backup you can “select all” conversations or specific ones.
  • Once your backup is done, you can share it, view it, and save it.
  • There is a “My Backups” page, that shows all the backup files you have made.
  • Restoring the backup is so easy, just select the file and press “Start”.

More Features

  • Ping SMS / Silent SMS is a clever way to determine if a phone number is Online (Active) or Offline (phone is turned off, airplane mode).
  • The recipient will not get any notification or SMS message.
  • By clicking on “Ping” you’ll send a silent SMS without receiving it from the other side.
  • This feature will ask for SMS permission, and it’s important to send silent SMS.

This application may ask to be a “Default SMS handler” after finishing make sure to revert to your original SMS APP.

Important: SMS Editing and adding may take up to 2 minutes after opening your default SMS application.
Contacts permission is not required, it’s only used for labeling phone numbers.

Note This: If the edits do not appear, please clear the data of the application (System messaging application), and open it again, then all the edits will appear if didn’t restart your phone.

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How to download this application?

andrid fake sms

Below is the option to download the application, and you must remember that while installing on mobile you have to give some permissions, only then it will do its job properly.

If all things are done correctly and the mobile application is installed then you can send silent SMS from your mobile to other people, edit incoming SMS on your mobile and get back deleted SMS.

How does this application work?

This application will send a text message to a person and let you know if the person’s mobile is currently working without the person knowing.

While it will help you to change the date, time, and information of text messages that arrive on your mobile and also help you to retrieve deleted SMS, see the video for more details.

Fake SMS to an Existing Conversation
Confidential BlurAuto Screenshot Deleter
Notification LightingMac Style Control Center

My Opinion

Anything can be used for good and it can be used for bad. We have provided much such Android help in our website article. We hope you will use them for the good of the common good and to create more delicious experiences in relationships.

And we remind you that you can also share such good information with your neighbors through social media, the opportunity for that is also designed on our website. In particular, we thank you very much for spending so much time and patience on your precious moments on our website.

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