Get Email with Picture for Wrong Password Attempts on Android

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We need to protect the most expensive mobile phone, no matter how safe we ​​look at it, sometimes it’s likely to be stolen, so the person who stole our mobile phone will accidentally try the password to unlock the mobile lock we have put in, the photo of the person trying to do so, and all of the location.

We are going to give you an opportunity to find out right away in this web article. In this article, you will find an opportunity to ensure the security of your mobile at all times and come and travel.

Receive an email with pictures of incorrect password attempts on Android

Buying a mobile phone is one of the topics in focus at Global Oneness. At the same time, our minds will be very upset if this mobile is sometimes stolen, and there is one significant thing in this, which is that our information on the mobile is more valuable than the mobile.

The person trying to steal the mobile phone is taking away our information along with it, so we are currently compelled to protect our information along with the mobile, we recommend this Get This Email Get Picture For Wrong Password Attempts on the Android app on this website article just to help in this matter.

With this application you can easily recover a stolen mobile phone, you can immediately see the photo of the person who stole the mobile, contacts him the next moment, and recovers that mobile.

what app takes a picture when the password is wrong

We are very happy to recommend this application which includes all the features, this application was taken from the official web site Play Store, so it can be used without fear, its highlight is that this wrong password capture photo app is in the Play Store, so make sure the security of your mobile is always everywhere using this application.

Note: Nevertheless do not forget to read it clearly as all the information related to this android app is given below.

Hours and Minutes PINEvery Time Change Pin Lock
Clean Link CheckerHide Mobile Screen

play store details

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationCrookCatcher – Anti Theft
Nowadays Installs5,000,000+
App Size4.5M
Offered ByCrookCatcher
App PolicyPolicy Of App
Website Of AppVisit
Contact[email protected]
AddressH.C. Lumbyes Gade 10 ST DK-2100, København Ø Denmark

With CrookCatcher installed on your phone or tablet, you might have a chance at getting it back!

CrookCatcher hides behind the lock screen and takes a picture of anyone trying to unlock your device with the wrong pin, password, or pattern.

CrookCatcher immediately emails the photo of the crook to you, along with your device’s current GPS location.

So whether your phone gets stolen or your coworker/partner/friend is simply snooping around, with CrookCatcher you always know if you have an intruder!

Main Features

• Takes photos with the secret camera when someone tries to unlock your phone with the wrong code.
• Sends email with a photo, GPS coordinates, accuracy, estimated street address, map, and link to Google Device Manager with which you can track your device’s location 24/7.
• Works with the password, pin code, and pattern lock.
• Combined map and photo view to browse pictures inside the app.
• Of course it is completely silent and secret (turn off notifications in settings).
• No battery drain – CrookCatcher only runs when the wrong code is entered.
• Select the number of unlocking attempts before the picture is taken

premium features

• More picture combinations: Take 2 pictures with the front camera and 2 pictures with the back camera.
• Record sound clip: With sound recordings, you can learn more about the surroundings and possibly identify voices.
• Sound alarm: Play a custom alarm sound at full volume when the wrong password is put in.
• Alert Message: Show a custom message on the lock screen, when a picture is taken. You could tell the crook to return your phone, or you’ll show their picture to the police.
• Detect break-in: Take a picture and send an alert email if the crook guesses the right password after having failed.
• Retry email: If disconnected from the internet, postpone emails until back online.
• Change email subject: Change email subject text, to avoid crooks seeing revealing notifications
• App lock: Set a pattern lock to access CrookCatcher. Fingerprints can also be used.
• Disguise app: Change the app icon and label to look like a Files app, so intruders won’t find out you have CrookCatcher installed.
• Hide Notifications: Don’t let the crook know that you got him on camera
• No ads: Enjoy an ad-free app and support the development of CrookCatcher.

Innovative App HiderSecret Camera Record
Who Try To Unlock My PhoneReally Simple Encoder Decoder
unnamed 9 4
unnamed 10 5
unnamed 11 5
unnamed 12 5
unnamed 13 4
unnamed 14 3
unnamed 15 3

how to install, and use the app?

You have to go to the Play Store to download the application and we have created opportunities for that.

When installing this on mobile it will ask for some permission to send you the photo of the stolen person, it is mandatory.

Finally, a photo of the person who mistakenly tried to enter the password on your mobile in this application will be sent to your email immediately, which is also the main feature of this application.

Note: Pop-up cameras, CrookCatcher does not support pop-up cameras.

Get Email with Picture for Wrong Password Attempts on Android

My Opinion

Whether you buy a high-cost mobile or a low-cost mobile, its own information is important to everyone. No matter how vulnerable our mind is if our mobile is stolen, we feel like we have lost half of our body, we recommend this excellent app to avoid this thing and to protect the mobile, thank you with the hope that you have got all the information related to it.

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