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In the event of a give-and-take situation, while you are using your mobile, you can finally hide what you were doing on your mobile from them. This means that they will not be able to open and view your mobile phone, which will be useful in many cases, so your WhatsApp chat will be protected, first of all, all the information related to your mobile will be protected, but here are some discussions on this website Come see it clearly what is going to happen in the article.

Need mobile security for the opposite?

Mobile is an object with a key feature, it carries the complete information of a man, if that mobile is available to a person he can keep it and know the full profile of that man, he can know all the information of what he wants, what he knows, what he does not know, man on that size mobile Is drowning.

If so it is a very important duty of a man to protect that mobile which carries all the things related to him, if security is when he has to break the mobile, i.e. when his mobile is available in the hands of others, they will open it and see all the information related to him, thus causing a lot of frustration and thus he becomes weak.

Need a Hide Mobile Screen app?

We recommend a great Hide Mobile Screen application for personal secrets being stolen from mobile phones for a reason that should not happen. The entire screen of the mobile will turn black, the mobile will not open if you touch any other part, the mobile will only open when you touch your mobile screen three times with your fingers, then all the people who do not know this thing will be confused and leave the mobile as it is.

Note: We have attached this application along with the comments made by the creator of the hiding Mobile Screen app, after reading it clearly you can start using it at your own discretion.

Turn Off FingerprintClean Link Checker
Encoder Decoder AppInnovative App Hider

play store details of hiding display app

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationHide Screen Sneak The Display
Nowadays Installs10,000+
App Size4.8M
Offered ByBackground Remover, Photo Eraser & Help Full Apps
App PolicyPolicy Of App
Website Of AppVisit
Contact[email protected]
How To InstallApp Install

Hide your screen from others, this application is simple and easy to use.

  • Sneak the phone and display.
  • Screen Guard with hiding screen.
  • Hide Screen Display
  • Save Battery
  • Secure from the third eye when you play games.
  1. when you need a “Hide Screen” or “Screen guard”,
  2. such as playing games in autoplay mode or keeping the screen ON for downloads.

Hide Screen helps you to keep the screen ON without brightness when you play video or play games.

Hide Screen App Features

  • Save Your Battery
  • Double Tap
  • Triple Tap
  • Beautiful and Eye Caching UI
Who Try To UnlockWrite On Lock Screen
Call Lock AppSuper Ultra App Lock
unnamed 10
unnamed 1 1
unnamed 2 2
unnamed 3 17
unnamed 4 2

how to install, and use this hide screen app?

  1. Click on the link below if you have the option to download the application.
  2. When installing the application on mobile it will ask for some permissions, allow it to use at your own discretion.
  3. Finally, with this application, you can lock your mobile so that others can not even open it.
Hide Mobile Screen Application

We have attached this website article with this application to help you in how to protect the mobile that can carry the secrets of an individual. We hope you enjoy the extension of service and share it with your friends and relatives. Also, bookmark our website for future good articles.

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