Who Try To Unlock My phone?

Note: The applications mentioned in the article may be removed or continued to be offered by the Play Store in the future for some important reasons (policy reasons) in the interest of the users.
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Do you need details of who is trying to pick up your mobile phone when you are not near it? We welcome you to this website article with the assurance that you can know all the photos, dates, times, minutes, seconds of the person who tried to open it, that is, we can definitely give you good help with your suspicion of Who Try To Unlock My phone. We can start this article with some discussions on why we need to do this and what the benefits are, so at the end of this article you will find out all the information about who is trying to pick up your mobile and enter your password in your absence.

Why do we need to know the details of the person who takes the mobile without our permission?

A mobile phone carries 90 per cent of a person’s belongings, including photos, videos, and everyone’s friends who are related to him, for example, the stores’ office staff, uses multiple social media sites to chat with his friends and owns separate groups. It has also been used to make money transfers, and man has begun to store a lot of information in it for the future. No one can deny the fact that if we get a person’s mobile number, we can know 90 per cent of the thing about him, to the extent that the smartphone has become a part of man, so if you want to know the unlock history android.

who touched my phone who unlocked tried to unlock

Especially our loved ones will be interested to know the information of others, for example, our family members, our friends, those who are educated with us will store our mobile phone, try to pick up our mobile phone when we are not there to find out what we are chatting with, who we are talking to, If they try to do so sometimes they will succeed, sometimes they will make a mistake, i.e.

They will fail if they enter the password incorrectly and then leave the mobile where it is, we will not know the attempts they made, but through this web article whoever took your mobile and entered the wrong password to open it, You will know all of the explanation of what was tried.

Time Lock MethodsWrong Password Selfie
Incoming Call LockPhotos Lock

how to tell if someone tried to unlock your android phone

The moment you pick up your mobile in the absence of you, the minute you enter the password, you will know everything that is their photo, then you can easily find out that your mobile is currently in a state of insecurity and therefore it needs to be further secured, some help in this regard is available in our web article, Security We have already created many articles on how to lock your mobile phone with Lock app, you can view it

Note: At present we have selected an application from Google’s official web site Play Store to assist you in this Who Try To Unlock My phone, and we have attached it below this web article, and we have added additional information related to it from the Play Store and we can not make any changes in it. You know, because those are the ideas that created it, and after reading it clearly you will benefit from using it based on your self-will.

Knock Lock AppSmart Lock Screen
Anti Theft LockAccess Dots App

Play store details of who touched my phone App

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationWTMP – Who touched my phone?
Nowadays Installs10,000,000+
App Size4.2M
Offered ByMidnightDev
App PolicyPolicy Of App
Website Of AppVisit
Contact[email protected]
AddressSaint-Petersburg, Zvenigorodskaya str. 22, 191119
How To InstallApp Install

The application will record those who will use your phone using the front camera in the background mode, invisibly for the user. You will see who, when and what did to your favourite device while it is not under your attention.

how to see who tried to unlock your iphone

  • Open the app and click the button. Then close the app and lock your device;
  • User unlocked device or tried to do it. The application starts recording a report (photo, list of launched apps
  • The device screen goes out. The app saves reports. And so on;
  • The user tries to unlock the device several times. The app saves reports; Browse your reports in-app. Set up sync with the cloud.
Camera BlockerWrong Password Safe
Internet BlockerPicture Password
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unnamed 3 3
unnamed 5 3
unnamed 6 3
unnamed 7 3

How to install, and use the anti-theft app?

  1. If you want to use this application click on the link below
  2. Installing the application on a mobile phone may require certain permissions, for example, a mobile camera permit, which can then mistakenly take a photo of the password holder, allowing it to be used after knowing it all clearly.
  3. If everything is finally done successfully, you will now be able to know the photos of all the people you take on your mobile i.e. the photos of those this person tried to unlock your phone iphone, they have entered the wrong password, the time and the minute they tried.
  4. Fainally you cann finf app that takes pic of person unlocking phone iphone

Important: This app uses the Device Administrator’s permission. The application needs device administrator rights to look out for incorrect unlock attempts. Android only detects a password or pattern as incorrect if it has at least 4 digits/characters or pattern dots.

what app takes a picture of the person trying to unlock your phone

who try to unlock my phone

We’ve rarely seen a person without a mobile, so we created this web article to raise awareness on how to protect their information in this day and who try to unlock my phone when everyone is starting to use mobile. We will respond to that, and share this website article with your loved ones so that they too can ensure security.

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