Really Simple Encoder Decoder App for Secret Writing Codes

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Simple Encoder Decoder App [Secret Writing Codes]

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Sometimes when we share text messages we are so sure that no one other than the person we think of reads the message, and we will be looking for a lot of help in this regard on search engines like Google, although it may be too late to get a clear explanation and help as to why this thing is being searched and thus, available Some details about what the benefits are is to start within this web article, however at the end of this you will get a special Encoder Decoder algorithm with which you can exchange your important information uniquely and it will not be understood by anyone other than the person you are thinking of.

Why use secret code language on social media

At the moment we immediately let him know if we have something to say to him via SMS, this system is centred on many social media sites, one of the most important of which may be the WhatsApp application, which has become an application that is being used by a large number of people, for example, if there is a mobile in it, Of course, the world is currently operating in an environment where Whatsapp is supposed to be, so more and more text messages are being shared through this WhatsApp application which is used by everyone, including relationship-related news, live news, school information, office-related news as per their need.

secret code with a meaning

Sometimes some of the important information shared between them will be shared between the lovers and some of the office-related information will be thought to be known only to them, for example, someone else in between will think that no one else should read that SMS message in between, in such a situation this Encoder-Decoder method is very useful Yes, for example, it can create an environment where no one but you can read it, so it’s important that your text message reaches the specific person most securely.

We have selected a great application to help in the matter of secret code translator, this application was taken from the official Play Store of Google, so you can remember that it is a trusted application. Only good applications can often be found in our Google Play Store, however, we have attached all the information related to this application at the bottom of the article, read it carefully and then download and use it on a voluntary basis.

Secure Chat ApplicationWhatsApp Offline Chat
Call Lock AppRecover Messages

play store details of encoder decoder

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationText Converter Encoder Decoder Stylish Text
Nowadays Installs1,000,000+
App Size4.2M
Offered ByMr Duy
App PolicyPolicy Of App
Website Of AppVisit
Contact[email protected]
AddressLong Xuyen city, An Giang province, Viet Nam
How To InstallApp Install

The text converter (type input box for encoding, output box for decode)

  • Upside down text (hello -> oןןǝɥ)
  • Text to ascii (ab -> 97 98)
  • Text to binary (abc -> 01100001 01100010)
  • Text to hex (ab -> 61 62)
  • Text to octal (ab -> 141 142)
  • Reverser text (abc def -> fed cba)
  • Upper text (abc -> ABC)
  • Lower text (AbC -> abc)
  • Super script (ˢᵘᵖᵉʳˢᶜʳⁱᵖᵗ)
  • Sub script (ₕₑₗₗₒ)
  • Morse code (Hello -> …. . .-.. .-.. —)
  • Base64 (Hello -> aGVsbG8=)

Zalgo text (Hello -> hello)

  • Create fun text, stylish text (40 style):
  • h€ℓℓ๏ €˅€я¥๏ɲ€
  • ȟ£ȽȽ¤ £√£ȑÿ¤ñ£
  • нєℓℓσ єνєяуσиє
  • ⓗⓔⓛⓛⓞ ⓔⓥⓔⓡⓨⓞⓝⓔ
  • ⓗⓔⓛⓛⓞ ⓔⓥⓔⓡⓨⓞⓝⓔ
  • héĺĺő évéŕӳőńé, and more……

Create decorate text (40 styles)

  1. •?((¯°·..• [ hello ] •..·°¯))؟•
  2. ıllıllı [ hello ] ıllıllı
  3. ¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° [ hello ] °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸
  4. •´¯•. [ hello ] .•´¯
  5. ׺°”˜”°º× [ hello ] ׺°”˜”°º×
  6. •]••´º´•» [ hello ] «•´º´••[•
  7. ]|I{•——» [ hello ] «——•}I|[, – and more……

You can create special text (more than 100 styles)

  • h̶e̶l̶l̶o̶ e̶v̶e̶r̶y̶o̶n̶e̶
  • h̴e̴l̴l̴o̴ e̴v̴e̴r̴y̴o̴n̴e̴
  • h̷e̷l̷l̷o̷ e̷v̷e̷r̷y̷o̷n̷e̷
  • h̲e̲l̲l̲o̲ e̲v̲e̲r̲y̲o̲n̲e̲
  • h̳e̳l̳l̳o̳ e̳v̳e̳r̳y̳o̳n̳e̳
  • [̲̅h̲̅][̲̅e̲̅][̲̅l̲̅][̲̅l̲̅][̲̅o̲̅] [̲̅e̲̅][̲̅v̲̅][̲̅e̲̅][̲̅r̲̅][̲̅y̲̅][̲̅o̲̅][̲̅n̲̅][̲̅e̲̅]
  • ḧḕḶḶṏ ḕṼḕṙẏṏṆḕ
  • h͆e͆l͆l͆o͆ e͆v͆e͆r͆y͆o͆n͆e͆
  • h̺e̺l̺l̺o̺ e̺v̺e̺r̺y̺o̺n̺e̺
  • h̟e̟l̟l̟o̟ e̟v̟e̟r̟y̟o̟n̟e̟
  • h͓̽e͓̽l͓̽l͓̽o͓̽ e͓̽v͓̽e͓̽r͓̽y͓̽o͓̽n͓̽e͓̽
  • h͎e͎l͎l͎o͎ e͎v͎e͎r͎y͎o͎n͎e͎
Clock Vault AppFake Screen Lock
App ProtectorPhoto Recovery
unnamed 4
unnamed 3 4
unnamed 5 4
unnamed 6 4
unnamed 7 4
unnamed 8 2
unnamed 9

How to install, and use the secret code app?

  1. Below is the link to reach the Play Store to download the application
  2. You may have to give some permissions when installing on mobile, then it will change your SMS information in a different way, use this restriction if you wish to use it.
  3. If all goes well this application will give you the information you are sending in a different way, you can send it to the specific person and give him advice on how to read that information, while no one else can read it.
Simple Encoder Decoder App [Secret Writing Codes]

It is important to remember that the full content of the website article we provide is for the sole purpose of protecting an individual’s information, and we hope that this will be helpful to many of your friends and relatives, as well as share your thoughts on this topic in our comment box and share this article with them if you wish.

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