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What Is Access Dots App

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Many times it is necessary to keep the cameras on our mobile and the microphones in it safe, to ensure the security of the mobile so that others do not use our mobile phone camera and others do not monitor us with our camera, so there will be conversations related to Access Dots App in our web articles, if interested Spend your time in our article.

Need Access Dots App?

Nowadays mobile means camera has become a popular thing, people are eager to buy a camera with more megapixels, i.e. they are interested in buying a mobile with a camera, however, this camera use is used to take photos wherever we go.

Speaking of mobile though, the camera option in it is a very useful thing, it is also able to record tasty memories, in such a moment, the need for a microphone in it will not be able to compensate. For example, we are more interested in recording our voice on social media and sharing it with friends, for example like WhatsApp voice SMS, it is necessary to keep our camera and microphone safe when it is like this, none of us should be monitored by our camera and that is the level at which we should choose firm security.

Best Access Dots App for android

We have attached below our article a great Access Dots android application that can help you in this matter, and this article was taken from Google’s official web site Play Store and is recommended by Google, so your security is guaranteed because only good application will be allowed by Google in its Play Store site, this All descriptions for the application are given below and after reading them clearly you can use this application on a voluntary basis.

Time Lock ScreenWrong Password Selfie Capture
Incoming Call LockLock Screen Wallpaper
What Is Access Dots App 2022

Access Dots App On Play Store

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationApp Lock
Nowadays Installs5,000+
App Size5.3M
Offered ByCreative Photo Tool
App PolicyPrivacy
Website Of AppVisit
Contact[email protected]
How To InstallApp Install

Did you know that once you grant access to your phone’s camera or microphone to any third-party App, they can use it silently in the background?

Presenting Access Safe Dots adds the same iOS 14 style indicators (a few pixels light up as a dot) to the top right (default) corner of your screen whenever any third-party app or service uses your phone’s Camera or Microphone.

Configuring the App is as simple as enabling the Access Dots Accessibility Service (Toggle switch in the App > (More) Downloaded Services/Installed Services > Access Dots > Enable). By default, the App is configured to show iOS 14 style coloured access dots – green for camera access, orange for microphone access. The App itself does not request camera or microphone access.

Maintain an Access Log, which can be accessed from the App’s main settings screen. The Access Log shows when the camera/microphone was accessed, which App was in the foreground at the time of access initiation and how long did the access lasted.

WhatsApp Call RecorderFree Mobile Calling
Caller Name AnnouncerUnlimited WiFi Calls

Trust an app by all your heart?

Access Dot also lets you add exempted apps, indicating the apps for which you do not want any alerts. Easily manage these apps with one tap (this feature is experimental & might not work reliably always on all devices).

This app requires Accessibility Service to detect and show alerts like iOS14. Without this, the app won’t work. So make sure that you enable Access Dot’s accessibility service.

Show Features of Access Safe Dots

Access Dots how to use?

  1. Download this application from Google Play Store using the link below
  2. When you install this application on your mobile, this application may ask for some permissions, which you can provide if you wish
  3. Finally, some settings are given to use this application and you can get the highlights by manipulating them.
What Is Access Dots App

Note: Please make sure the App is whitelisted under any kind of optimization setting your device has, if the App is killed from the background by the System, you may have to restart the phone to get the Access Dots active again.

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