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Our friends or relatives will take our mobile and open some applications without our permission and try to watch online videos which our excess mobile internet data is wasted.

We are creating this website article with a noble purpose to help you in terms of how to save internet data spent unnecessarily in moments like this, all the information you will find in this article will reduce the cost of unnecessary data on your mobile 100%.

Why Use Block Internet Access for Apps

Generally mobile is a commodity that everyone uses, The main requirement in mobile is internet data, it is impossible to use mobile without it because our mobile with all the features If we think we need to use all the features it needs internet data.

Whether you want to watch videos on social media sites or chat with others on social media apps, mobile internet data is essential to make things like WhatsApp calls and other social media video calls.

Internet data is very necessary, it’s a situation where we spend money alone, so when we spend a month and put the Internet pack it is sometimes possible to waste our Internet data by watching YouTube videos, videos on sites like Facebook, chatting on social media that our friends and relatives do not need. This can not be prevented, because it is impossible to say do not see them, because they are our loved ones.

How To Block Mobile Internet Blocker

One of the best ways we can freeze our mobile internet data that is unnecessarily spent by others is to lock the internet data in specific applications because by doing this we can keep all the internet data on our mobile even in our YouTube application, Facebook application etc. When you open the application, the videos in it will not play, so our internet data will be saved and our relationships will not be broken.

To do this we are going to seek the help of an Internet Blocker application, the full information about that application is given below in the web article, after reading it you can download and use it, the application was taken from the official website Play Store, so you can use it without fear.

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Mobile Phone Internet Blocker

Play store details of internet blocker app

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationInternet Blocker – Block Internet Access for Apps
Nowadays Installs500,000+ (2.58K reviews)
App Size4.9M
Offered Bysuperappsdev
App PolicyPrivacy
Website Of AppVisit
Contact[email protected]
How To InstallApp Install
  • Are you looking for effective ways to limit internet usage?
  • Do you want to block the internet for apps with a simple tap of the button?

Download Internet Blocker and take control of the wifi & data usage for each app on your Android device. Block internet access & force background data restriction for selected apps, and have peace of mind knowing that they will not use your precious data or battery.

More Info

SIMPLE UI: Our net blocker app allows for a quick and easy way to limit the internet for apps. Block wifi & block data usage for any app by just tapping the switch.

The best part is that when you want to unblock the internet access, you can simply switch off the whole Internet Blocker app, instead of individually going back to switch off the internet blocking for each app.

NO ROOT – QUICK AND EASY: Our block app internet access technology works for any Android smartphone with Android 5.1 and up. No root is required; simply select the apps and restrict internet access instantly.

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  1. save your battery
  2. reduce your data usage
  3. increase your privacy


  • Simple to use web blocker to control internet usage
  • No root required
  • One tap switch on/off for each app on your phone
  • Switch Internet Blocker on/off
  • Our data blocker for apps supports android O

If you want to block internet access, such as block internet for Whatsapp, or similar apps that use background data, just download Internet Blocker.

How to download Block Internet Access for Apps

You can download the application from the Play Store by following the download link given below

Some permissions may be required while installing the application on the mobile, it is best to give it at your own discretion.

Then you can keep the internet data in specific applications through some of the options available in the Mobile Phone Internet Blocker publication.

How To Block Mobile Internet Blocker

It is important to note that the information we provide can save your Internet data and protect your relationships from being compromised. If you found this information a bit off-putting, please let us know in the star rating above.

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