Benefits Of Knock Lock App

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Benefits Of Knock Lock App

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It is necessary to keep our mobile so secure that we store more things, sometimes our relatives and friends will be in a situation where we have to give it on our mobile, at such a moment it will seem to us that it would be better not to look at the important information they have on our mobile, a little discussion about this and a good knock The Lock application is also available to you in this article, so start reading this article carefully and I am ready to travel with you.

What is the benefit of the Knock Lock App?

Mobile has become an important tool that carries a wide range of things, so it is very important to protect this mobile, despite the variety of lock applications to protect the mobile, the Knock Lock application available to you today in this article will be a very special lock application.

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For example, you can lock your mobile phone with some colours, you can lock your mobile phone with some photos, you can go on and on saying many highlights like this, this size is a great Knock Lock application, and one of the key features is that this application has become the official web site of Google play store, so this application is made on the recommendation of the Play Store, so users are guaranteed security, and it is worth noting that the Google Play Store does not recommend some false applications.

Best Knock Lock App

Since we were trying to select a good Lock application for you as soon as we started discussing this matter, we have given below this Knock Lock application, you can get full protection for yourself by using this, and all the information given by the creator of this application is given below and that information was taken from Play Store Remarkable. After reading all that information clearly before using it, we recommend that you use this application only if you have the option.

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Benefits Of Knock Lock App

Play Store Details Of Knock Lock App

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationMobile Lock
Nowadays Installs5,000+
App Size9.2M
Offered ByVagmine Soft Team
App PolicyPrivacy
Website Of AppNA
Contact[email protected]
How To InstallApp Install

Show Main Feature of Knock Lock

How to use or set a password in-app lock

  1. First of all open and then enter your knock lock pattern
  2. Choose the application from the list which you want to make secure or provide app lock
  3. For Unlock: You have to tap your pattern on the invisible knock lock screen

How to use or set a password in-app lock

  1. Please first download this application from the official website using the link below
  2. You may have a more secure lock screen with the application
  3. You can select between 3-8 to knock the key
  4. You can specify the location of the field to knock the lock screen
  5. You can choose to turn off the animation
  6. more secure lock screen with this application

You have no need to worry when giving your smartphone to friends and family when the Knock Lock app lock is installed in your phone. Create a pattern on knock to secure your phone screen. There are four knocks set in a square pattern.

\Knock Lock App

We hope you find this information useful, we would like to remind you that our website has a lot of articles on mobile security, and our congratulations and suggestions for visiting it and gaining new experience in your mobile application.

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