Photo Cleaner With Drag and Drop

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Photo Cleaner With Drag and Drop


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This article gives you a brief overview on how to delete unwanted photos on mobile, i.e. how to delete and save all photos on mobile by dragging and dropping in the required folder so that some important tasks can be done in less time and more workload. The highlight of this is that it can be done without, you will have the opportunity to do this in this web article, and here we are going to hold some discussions with you regarding this.

Why do I need a Photo Cleaner app on my mobile?

A variety of photos are taken on the mobile, including the screenshot, all such photos will take up more space on our mobile, thus reducing the use of the mobile and affecting the lifespan of the mobile. It takes a lot of time to create and store, so here’s an opportunity to do Photo Cleaner very easily with your fingers in one place, which you can do with a great application.

best Photo Cleaner App for android

This application is taken from the official website Play Store, by moving your photos to the right and left with your fingers, it will automatically delete them, whereas when you drag your photo into the folder where you want to store your fingers, it will automatically move to the folder. Includes, this is a very easy thing to do, it will save you time completely, you can easily delete unnecessary photos, to do this you need to download this Photo Cleaner application.

Note: Nevertheless I have given below all the relevant information in our web article, read it all clearly and then use it at your own discretion.

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play store details of Photo Cleaner App

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationFirefox ScreenshotGo Beta – Find Screenshots Fast
Nowadays Installs100,000+
App Size33M
Offered ByNFO LTD
App PolicyPolicy Of App
Website Of AppVisit
Contact[email protected]
AddressEgoz 27
How To InstallApp Install
  • Clean and organize your camera roll. Scroll through your photos in full screen,
  • Swipe Right keep photos Swipe Left delete photos
  • tidy is the best Photo sorter, sort your gallery with simple gestures – drag and drop photos and videos into folders! Creating extra space storage in an Intuitive, Simple, Fast and most important is fun.

Start Tidying: With Tidy, you can filter your Gallery by duplicate photos, also you can filter your gallery by size and see which of your media has the biggest size and play to the smallest and much more. Tidy Organize mode will give you the ability to drag and drop photos and videos into an existing album or to an album you’ll create – it’s awesome!

Why do I need Tidy?

  • Users have on average 4GB of unnecessary photos and videos.
  • Deleting media from your mobile device is frustrating, Not anymore
  • Open Tidy, watch all your media in full-screen mode
  • Swipe Right to keep the photo, Swipe Left to drop the photo
  • Tidy is the perfect app to help you Clean unnecessary GBs of photos and videos from your device easy and be fun!
  • Tidy will help you to free up space and organize your smartphone in 8 simple ways:

1 Organize Mode

  1. Touch on the folder Icon and see all your Albums on the right side
  2. You can move a photo to an album with simple Drag and drop to a folder or tap the folder.
  3. Open the “information bar” to know the current location of the image.
  4. Create a new album by tapping on the +Folder.
  5. Tap on the “keep” on the folders bar to keep the media in its current album.
  6. Organize the albums – move the albums you want to play on to the top with drag and drop on the folder bar.
  7. Delete media in the Organize mode is available by swiping to the left.
  8. All the Filters of Tidy are available in the new Organize mode.
  • 2 No login to Tidy, install and start cleaning, yes that simple!
  • 3 Media Filters, there are various filters that you can apply to your gallery before cleaning:
  • Duplicate media
  • Videos
  • Screenshots
  • By media size
  • By specific period
  • by specific Album

4 Swiping: Swipe Right Keep your media. Swipe Left Drop your media.

5 Compare mode: Touch Right or Left on each picture to see the previous or the next one in line, for fast forwarding and examine pictures of minor changes.

6 Share media: Touch on the share icon and simply share your best photos or videos with any favourite social network. Share & Delete – Picture of a friend? send it to him and delete it automatically.

7 Favourite Icon: Going through your photos and seeing a photo you really like? Tag it as a favourite photo

8 Undo: Swiped left or right by a mistake? don’t worry touch on the undo button to cancel your previous play.

What’s New Today

  • We improved the user experience
  • We improve the design on Pick Album, now it will be easier to pick an album and play on it.
  • Touch on Tidy Logo will open the setting menu.
  • Bug of duplicate media notification fixed.
  • The new version is planned – follow Tidy on social networks and stay tuned.
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how to install, and use the Photo Cleaner app?

  • And if you want to download this application, you can do so by clicking on the link below and going to the Play Store
  • That too this app will ask for some permissions, only then will it work properly, allow on a voluntary basis.
  • Finally, you can easily delete unwanted photos in this app.
Photo Cleaner

The main purpose of this website article is to help users on mobile only, to easily delete and store your photos, and to be able to delete unwanted photos from your mobile phone as soon as you think about it.

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