One Handed Mode Android

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For people who fail in their attempt to use the mobile with one finger in one hand, a great help is available to you in this matter. Nowadays the mobile is so big that it is forced to be used with both hands, even if the attempt to think to operate it fails, sometimes our mobile by mistake is more likely to fall down, there have been a lot of incidents like this, a great One Handed Mode Android opportunity to prevent this Just here you go, let’s move on to the article that was interesting with some discussions about it

what is one handed mode android

Mobile is a great product, now it has become a product that helps a lot of things, this mobile is now coming in large quantities, so people want a mobile that is very large, in which the mobile with full display, mobile with touch screen is the most popular, mobile with fingers Everything can start working on the mobile by touching the touch screen, but if you hold it with one hand and try to use the mobile touch screen with one finger, it is likely to fail.

But it is impossible to hold the mobile phone with one hand and touch all the display areas on the mobile with the same fingers, it is likely to fall down while trying to do so, the best way to prevent this is what we are going to look at in this web article today, I’m just talking about the One-Handed Mode Android application

how to use one-handed mode android

With this Smart Cursor: One-handed mode you can control all the parts of the mobile with one finger and you can open and close all the features in one place. This One-handed mode app is taken from the official Play Store and all the information related to it is clearly explained below so you can read it first and use it only if you like it at the end.

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play store details of one hand mode app

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationPhone Phreak
Nowadays Installs10,000+
App Size58M
Offered ByIndycall
App PolicyPolicy Of App
Website Of AppVisit
Contact[email protected]
AddressStefan Giesewetter Käsityöläiskatu 1 D 90 20100 Turku Finland
How To InstallApp Install

Use a computer-like cursor/pointer to conveniently control your big smartphone with one hand.

Smart Cursor is free and without ads. Customization options and behaviour settings for the cursor, tracker and button highlights are freely accessible. Snap-to-Click: When you move the cursor, any clickable button will be highlighted. Smart Cursor also recognizes which button you are aiming at. Once the button is highlighted, you can already perform a click on it by tapping the tracker. This greatly helps with clicking small buttons.

Quick Settings tile: As the most convenient way to enable/disable the cursor, you can add the Smart Cursor tile to your Quick Settings tray. Context actions (Pro version): With Context actions, long-pressing a button will trigger an action specific to its function. For a button in a horizontal row it’s scrolling, for the status bar it’s pulling down the notifications.

Features in the Pro version:

  • Trigger more gestures with the cursor: Long click, drag & drop
  • Context actions: long-pressing a button will trigger an action specific to its function (scroll / expand notifications)
  • Swipe action: trigger Back, Home, Recents button, expand Notifications or Quick Settings by swiping in and out from the margin
  • The option to blacklist/whitelist apps

Accessibility Service: Smart Cursor requires you to enable its Accessibility Service before you can use it. This app uses this service only to enable its functionality. It needs the following permissions:

View and control screen:

  • to highlight clickable buttons
  • to detect which app window is currently showing (for blacklist feature)
  • View and perform actions: to perform click/swipe gestures for the cursor

Easy to use

  1. Swipe from the left or right margin from the bottom half of the screen.
  2. Reach the top half of the screen with the cursor by dragging the tracker, using one hand in the bottom half.
  3. Tap the tracker to click with the cursor. The tracker will disappear on any click outside it or after a period of time.
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hoe to install, and use one hand mobile app

  1. Click on the link below if you want to download the existing application for this web article provided by us.
  2. The application will ask for some permission to work and will give it too.
  3. Finally, you can lay your mobile with one hand.
  4. For more info, please see the short tutorial video.

Note: Highlighting clickable buttons, Snap-to-Click and Context actions work only in regular apps, not in games and not on web pages.

Privacy: The app does not collect or store any data from your phone. The app does not use any internet connection, no data will be sent over the network.

One Handed Mode Android

The main purpose of this web article is that a lot of mobiles are operated with one finger and fall down and break, we will recommend you this excellent Smart Cursor: One-handed mode application in this web article to prevent this loss, it will definitely benefit you if you are in the habit of using mobile with one hand If you think your friends will try this at some point, do not forget to recommend this article to them as well.

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