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Note: The applications mentioned in the article may be removed or continued to be offered by the Play Store in the future for some important reasons (policy reasons) in the interest of the users.
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We will use a variety of applications on our mobile, all such applications will be in our menu section, we will have to search and use each of them, while we will have to do it with both hands.

For example, when we are eating, the mobile display is so large that we have to hold the mobile in one hand and use it with the other hand, thus increasing the number of searches on our mobile while both hands are at work, blocking this and using the frequently used left hand or right-hand thumb on the front.

All of the urgent needs can be placed in the contact area, how to do this, so come get a discussion and help about the benefits available.

Use of Quick Menu For Android App

In the present times, the mobile has become an important object and component of a man, he tries to store and process various things in that mobile, while doing so the demands on that mobile increase and he has more work in it, starting from entertainment-related things to money transactions going on.

Man is often in a situation where he has to search and use every single thing that can be used frequently on the mobile, while the mobile is so large that it has to be used with both hands.

Normally he can not use one while eating, but with the help of a small Quick Menu For Android application, he can fulfill his main need on one hand on his mobile.

how to work Quick Menu For Android

It appears to be a nice and small menu section to look at, with the thumb and forefinger lightly rubbing up and down the mobile screen to open all the key features in the small box.

A great Quick Menu application to do this is suggested in this web article, this application can be used without fear as it is taken from the official website Play Store.

Note: Quick Menu For Android app All the relevant information is given below, so please download it after reading it.

While using it your normal mobile will also give a computer experience, a small menu section will open with a slight rubbing of the fingers among the viewers, everyone who saw this will be amazed, do not miss the opportunity to download this application even to help that much.

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play store details of Style Quick Menu App

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationEdge Card Launcher: Side Panel
Nowadays Installs10,000+
App Size2.5M
Offered ByReactiv Studios
App PolicyPrivacy
Website Of AppVisit
Contact[email protected]
Address153 Neftchilar ave., Baku 1010, Azerbaijan

Access your favorite apps, contacts, and settings from anywhere easy & fast! Edge Card Launcher is an overlay launcher with a beautiful Material design and pleasing animations that is available from anywhere with one swipe. Using your device one-handed has never been easier!

Tons of functionality

● Adjust volume for music or active phone call
● Add app and contact shortcuts
● Control media players (play/pause, next/previous)
● Turn on/off the built-in flashlight
● Open notifications shade
● Switch media output to speakers or BlueTooth
● Open your default voice assistant

You can open the launcher from any screen: just swipe on the edge of the screen (pull & release). You can also double-tap the edge of the screen to open the launcher.

Edge Card Launcher needs one core permission to draw app overlays, and the following optional permissions for full functionality.

● Modify settings: So you can adjust the volume or auto-rotate the device screen;
● Camera permissions: So you can turn on and off the flashlight (torch mode);
● Read contacts: So you can add your favorite contacts for easy access;
● Bluetooth: So you can control Bluetooth device volume.

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Working System

If you see how it works, after giving it permission it will remind you that you can open the thumbnail by lightly rubbing a mobile screen on the left or right side, you can tolerate your main applications in that box.

And you will be given the option to select it and pay for this It is worth noting that you can buy the full specs of the application so that more features are available.

How to install it?

The opportunity to download the application is given this article.

Be aware that the application will ask permission to do its job when installed.

After installing the application on mobile you will use all the features available in it.

Latest Style Quick Menu For Android

My Opinion

A mobile user will want to enhance the experience on his mobile and expand the mobile app with a beautiful look among all, which is why we have specially recommended this application.

Share this article with your friends and let them have a pleasant experience, as well as leave your comments on our website and try to respond to it in the draft.

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