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Everyone faces a lot of difficulties when they want to access anything on their mobile right away!

That is, the website article claims that any frequently used hobby can be made accessible with a single tap of the fingers on a mobile phone.

If you are using too many options, applications, etc. on your mobile and you are facing a lot of difficulty in trying to access one thing right away, we will definitely help you to free yourself from this and help you to act quickly.

While this is a normal thing to ask, it is likely to cause a lot of time and frustration.

What is the need for this?

For example, when you are riding a bike or traveling on a bus, you cannot give much movement to the body, in such moments we have to handle the mobile with one hand.

In that situation, when we try to open an application or get someone’s contact number, we can find it after tapping the mobile screen several times.

This causes many difficulties, so we want to give everyone better freedom from this issue and a chance to have a better experience on mobile.

Is this the best app for this?

It is worth noting that we have searched many times for the application for this matter, you will have seen many such applications, but the question in everyone’s mind is whether all of them are the best.

So, we’ve gone through all of them and picked the best of them, which includes everything below.

  • Good customer review.
  • Excessive download.
  • Recommended on Google Play Store.
  • Not taking up too much space on the phone.
  • Unloading the mobile.

As seen above we paid attention to many things and finally selected this application and started recommending it on our website.

We have provided many more such applications, it is worth noting that there are more than 100 articles on our website, we remind you that if you have time you can also visit it, so please come and continue to travel through the article.

Is this application that important?

If there is a question in your mind that this application is that important, then this is definitely an important application, as we have seen above, even a few things that we think are normal can cause us a lot of loss.

Nowadays man uses mobile in one hand while driving, at the such moment his attention is distracted by opening too many options and trying to access one thing on mobile, thus causing many problems, this application is a great way to avoid this.

For example, when you open your phone, you can access frequently used and needed things right in front of you, saving you a lot of time and money.

An example of what it is used for is a story

For example, you are riding a bike and suddenly you want to call someone from your mobile phone.

Then to contact that person take the mobile phone and go to the contact list and from there by entering the first letter of that person’s name all the names related to that first letter will appear, from that it will take a long time to call your friend’s person or the number of that particular person you are looking for.

This keeps your attention on the phone rather than on the vehicle, potentially causing danger, so you can even keep some people in front of the phone who use it frequently.

play store details

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationPinned Shortcuts
Nowadays Installs1,000+ Downloads
App Size1.33MB
Offered ByRushikesh Kamewar
App PolicyPrivacy
Website Of AppVisit
Contact[email protected]
AddressPune, Maharashtra, India
Released OnMay 3, 2022

This app lets you customize/change its own shortcuts so you can remove unwanted apps/shortcuts from your home screen. It’s hard to describe what this app does. Give it a try, it’s free!

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Pinned Shortcuts app
Pinned Shortcuts Pin Favorite Apps Contact 1

How does it work?

You will find many helpful applications on mobile, all of which will help you at the right moment.

However, this application can help protect you from many things, bringing all the essentials to the front of your phone in an emergency.

Everything on the home screen can be fixed for emergencies and you can use it to help you in many things and increase your security.

How to install it?

We have given the option to install the application in the article, you can directly go to the play store and download the application, that will be the right solution.

That’s where you will get updates from time to time and we have designed this platform in the interest of sharing more explanations and our opinions with you.

Otherwise, it is worth noting that this application is designed to be downloaded from the Play Store, and that’s the basis on which we recommend it to you.

Pinned Shortcuts Pin Favorite Apps & Contact
Long ScreenshotScreen Sidebar
Style Quick Menu3D Theme

My opinion

It is worth noting that mobile means a variety of applications that are used, thus increasing the taste of mobile.

Enough is enough, we have to use the important needs and applications, and only then the need of a mobile user is fulfilled.

That’s why we decided to recommend this application to you because we felt it was an important one.

We are very focused on selecting and recommending the best application and we are very happy to discuss all this with you.

It is also worth noting that we are very happy that you spent your time on our site.

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