For people who fail in their attempt to use the mobile with one finger in one hand, a great help is available to you in this matter

One Handed Mode Android

Nowadays the mobile is so big that it is forced to be used with both hands, even if the attempt to think to operate it fails

What Is One Handed Mode Android

sometimes our mobile by mistake is more likely to fall down, there have been a lot of incidents like this, a great One Handed Mode Android opportunity to prevent this Just here you go

How To Use One-Handed Mode Android

With this Smart Cursor: One-handed mode you can control all the parts of the mobile with one finger and you can open and close all the features in one place.

One Hand Mode App

This One-handed mode app is taken from the official Play Store and all the information related to it is clearly explained below so you can read it first and use it only if you like it at the end.

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Use a computer-like cursor/pointer to conveniently control your big smartphone with one hand.

Play Store Details Of One Hand Mode App

Smart Cursor is free and without ads. Customization options and behavior settings for cursor, tracker and button highlights are freely accessible.

Smart Cursor: One-handed mode