Stop WhatsApp Call [Girl Safety]

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The WhatsApp application is used for many good things, including being able to share any information with someone as soon as we think of it, starting with our voice recording and even transferring money, although it does have some unnecessary hassles.

For example, if someone in our family’s WhatsApp number is known or someone else mistakenly gets our family woman’s mobile number, they will keep on calling and harassing us on WhatsApp, and will not be able to leave our WhatsApp for such incoming calls.

For example, a lot of good things happen to us through WhatsApp, we just have to find a better way to escape from such moments, this web article is to provide the opportunity for that.

Why do I need the Stop WhatsApp Call app?

For example, you can block all unwanted WhatsApp calls, whether they come from a registered number on your mobile or from an unregistered number. We have included in that web article a Stop WhatsApp Call application that is so special that with this application you can block all the vehicles coming to you from unwanted persons and stop the entire WhatsApp leg of your mobile.

how to work Stop WhatsApp Call app?

If you see how this application works, three options will appear before installing it, with those options you can easily handle all your WhatsApp call. With the first option you can stop all the calls, in the second option you can stop the mobile number that is registered on your mobile phone if someone calls through WhatsApp call, and finally, the number that is not registered on your mobile, that is, if someone calls the new number through WhatsApp, thus with several steps, You can handle this.

Note: It is worth noting that WhatsApp does not recommend such applications though, but for the security of the public it is necessary to use some Stop WhatsApp Call applications like this, however you can use it without fear as it is an application taken from the Play Store because the Play Store may contain good applications. Website, at the same time we have clearly attached below all the information taken from there, you read it first, then you download and use it on a voluntary basis.

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play store details of stop whatsapp call app

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Use Of The ApplicationStop WhatsApp Call [Girl Safety]
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Are you looking for a free app to disable or block WhatsApp calls? Do: Want a do not disturb spam blocker for WhatsApp that will block all unwanted calls from your friends or unknown numbers?

Call Blocker For WhatsApp can help you to block unwanted WhatsApp calls, private calls, unknown calls, anonymous calls, strangers, customs, etc. Our spam call blocker gives you the peace of mind you deserve!

All Key features

  • Block any number, spam calls, or fraud numbers with a call blacklist
  • Block Incoming calls and reject unwanted calls automatically
  • Block voice calls, video calls or Both
  • Schedule Call Blocking to block calls at a particular time
  • Allow limit calls to blacklist numbers with Automating mode
  • Enable a whitelist to avoid blocking your favourite contacts/numbers
  • Block unknown contacts, not in your address book
  • View Record logs of rejected blocked numbers
  • Turn on or off call blocking any time
  • Powerful, simple and light call blocking app
  • 100% Free Block calls without limits.
  • Easily find contacts
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How to download and use this application?

  1. You will have the opportunity to download the application by clicking on the link below.
  2. This application will ask for some permissions while installing, and then it will help you.
  3. You can use all the WhatsApp call options available in this application if all things are done correctly.

How it works: There are three options designed to make this application work, and with those options, you can handle all the WhatsApp calls of all persons namely the required number and unwanted number. This means that you can immediately stop WhatsApp calls from unwanted people.

Disclaimer: Call Blocker For WhatsApp is created by us, is not an official WhatsApp application and is not associated with WhatsApp Inc.

Stop WhatsApp Call [Girl Safety]

This website article is designed to help you escape from the many hassles that come with WhatsApp, and the special feature of this Stop WhatsApp Call application that you will see in this article is that it enhances the security of women and they can block all the WhatsApp calls that are causing them stress. So please share this web article related to this application to your family women, cousins ​​women and all your loved ones.

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