Do For Me Mobile Location DFM Place Marker

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Sometimes on mobile, we use Silent Mode, Vibration Mode etc. which means that when we want to turn our mobile into Silent when we go to certain places, we often have to do something like Vibrate Mode. For example, when we go into the school premises, hearing the noise on our mobile is likely to distract the children unnecessarily and in such moments we should not forget to do Silent Mode. But automatically when you enter specific locations, your mobile will automatically become silent mode, the opportunity to do this is to be provided in this article.

What is Mobile Location DFM App

For example, any amount of mobile help can be annoying to others as well, I can use mobile comfortably, but even if someone calls us on mobile and sends an SMS we have a chance to hear noise, which can be annoying to others if we walk into the hospital, school premises, but we sometimes do it in silent mode Let’s not forget to change, though Mobile Location DFM application is absolutely the best application.

What Is Do For Me Place Marker App

For example, you go to work in the hospital every day, you want to put your mobile in Silent Mode when you go to the hospital premises, but you have to do it every day, but if you select the location around your hospital with this Mobile Location DFM application, your mobile will automatically switch to Silent Mode as soon as you enter that area. Then when it comes out your mobile will turn to normal mode, which is great to hear, the same amount will get a lot more benefit when doing this.

Best Mobile Location DFM App?

Note: The best application to do this is taken from the official website of Google Play Store, the information related to this application is attached below, read it clearly and download and use it.

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play store details of the Mobile Location app

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationDo For Me Mobile Location DFM
Nowadays Installs5,000+
App Size28M
Offered ByJoão M.
App PolicyPrivacy
Website Of AppVisit
Contact[email protected]
How To InstallApp Install

Long-tap the map and start placing markers at points of your interest.

Once you enter or leave any of these markers, the phone will automatically do what you specified. Examples of what you can specify are phone volumes, SMS message sending to one or multiple contacts (Currently limited due to Android’s permission rules – can only be sent with user input), voice recording, screen brightness, flashlight, phone number calling, alarm ringing or app/website opening.

Location updates are sent in order to detect whether you entered or left a marker. You can customize how often you wish these updates to be retrieved – choose from 0-60 seconds or 2-30 minutes and adapt it to your needs, saving a large amount of battery.

Define whether the changes will be applied only once (enabling you to change them in the phone itself after) or constantly applied (meaning if you change it yourself, it will change back to what is scheduled to do at the next location update).

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and how to install, and use the Mobile Location DFM app?

  1. The opportunity to download the application is given below.
  2. After reading all the information clearly, it will ask for some permission when installing Pinbay, and only then will it work.
  3. If these things are done correctly you will be able to handle all the worlds around you and it will happen automatically when you enter any area you intend to switch the mobile to Silent Mode.
Do For Me Mobile Location DFM

This application will give a lot of help to everyone who thinks that he should not disturb others with his mobile. If you want to extend the help of this Mobile Location DFM application to your friends, be sure to share this article.

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