When you share an information with your friends through a screenshot on mobile, do they struggle to understand the information you are conveying through that screenshot?

Such things happen in many moments and we are also facing such incidents.

There are many failures when you try to explain some things to others through screenshots

you are going to see in this web stories a help that will help your student to understand what you are explaining 100% instantly.

For example, you are telling your friends to install an application, it is not so easy if you want to tell them through a mobile screenshot.

Because we have to click, then install, then open, there are many steps like that.

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It’s difficult to convey this with a single screenshot, while taking multiple screenshots and sharing them separately will confuse your friend.

Apart from this, we should teach it very precisely to the person who is interested in learning. In this case you are about to see a 100% easy and pretty intuitive help.

Play YouTube With Screen Off (Android)

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