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Note: The applications mentioned in the article may be removed or continued to be offered by the Play Store in the future for some important reasons (policy reasons) in the interest of the users.
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Photos, videos, etc. taken by the mobile are stored in the mobile, and those photos may contain some confidential photos.

In other words, this website article is a Torch Photo Vault opportunity to protect the photos that are taken by loved ones and can be viewed and enjoyed in the future.

The photos that can be hidden in the present without anyone knowing. Through this article, you will get the best Play Store Torch Photo Vault application.

What is Torch Photo Gallery Vault for?

Let’s see a small example story to give you an idea of what Torch Photo Vault is used for If you are a couple.

When you want to save your romantic moments as a photo, you can hide them because you can’t share them with your relatives and friends before the wedding.

But if you delete it now out of fear of others, you won’t have that experience in the future, and you won’t have the chance to enjoy it.

So a Torch Photo Vault application like this is helpful to hide things that need to be hidden for a few days.

Is Flashlight Locker safe?

As for the Torch Photo Vault application, you can download it from many websites, but we recommend you use it only from the most trusted Play Store.

However, use a vault application like this only if you need it, but this is one of the most policy-driven apps on the Play Store.

Play Store Details Of Torch Photo Vault App

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationVault
Nowadays Installs500,000+ Downloads
App Size3MB
Offered ByCillDeMops
App Policyhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1FHS4PztQQ1KWIa689nHiQ-WYn_awndrZCe-YkyNZnwE/edit

Flashlight Torch Photo Vault Locker is a gallery lock app that can be used to hide your secret photos and videos from your phone gallery to this secret vault.

Lock and Hide Photos, Videos, Audio, Gallery, or any file.

The flashlight is not only a flashlight but you can hide and lock your photos, videos, notes, and more files and folders behind this SECRET VAULT flashlight locker.

  • Hide Photos, Videos
  • Hide Audio Files
  • Hide Gallery Files
  • Lock and Hide Files
  • Encrypt photos, videos, and files

More Details Of Flashlight Locker App

Nowadays Reviews8.69K reviews (4.4 Rating)
Released OnJan 4, 2019
Contact[email protected]

Core Features:

Lock & Encrypt Photos & Videos: You can Hide photos and videos using secret passcode.

Lock/Encrypt Other Files: you can Hide and lock secret files like Notes, and Audio files.

Unlock Files: you can easily unlock or unhide locked files back into your gallery.

Share locked Files: You can share locked files directly from the vault without un-lock files.

Protect using Passcode: Your all locked files are protected using secret Passcode.

Some Similar Apps List

Flashlight Locker Torch Photo Vault

How does Torch Photo Vault work?

This is a torch light application, in this application you can use your torch light.

But you can password-protect this particular space and create a secret room at the back so that you can keep storing documents without anyone knowing.

How to download the Photo Vault app?

As for installing it, you go to the play store and download it, that’s the best. Here is the route to get there.

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Play Store Flashlight Locker Torch Photo Vault App

Let’s talk about the Torch Photo Vault!

Not only mobile privacy but privacy is important for a man in general, without privacy a man cannot exist. He also protects his mobile phone which he always carries with him.

He will need this when he wants to protect the secrets in that phone as well and not only that we have recommended many such Android vault apps. You can get a chance to try that too through this article, we wish you the best.

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