Wrong Password Photo Capture

Anti-theft alarm

If someone takes our mobile phone without our permission and tries to enter the password in it



Intruder selfie

Our mobile phone will take their photo and save it and our mobile will automatically start sounding the alarm, which is quite a feat.

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LasaiAnti-spy alarm

Even if you spend a lot of money to buy a mobile phone, it is very important to have such features enabled on your mobile,

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Sometimes even if the mobile is stolen, the important information in it will be protected, this is what we are going to discuss in this


Why keep mobile safe?


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focus more on mobile security?

When picked up, our mobile will automatically record and show us the photo of the person who misplaced it,

important is mobile security

Security is essential for all, whether it’s a high-paying mobile or a low-cost mobile

Wrong password Play Store App

Lockeye secures your phone by monitoring the unauthorized attempts of screen unlock. When someone tries to unlock your phone

Key Features
Anti-theft Alarm

1. Wrong password alarm
2. Wrong password photo capture
3. Anti-spy alarm
4. Anti-theft alarm