All the screenshots we store on mobile are highly resourced, making these vital resources an opportunity to use whenever we need them.

For example, when taking a very long screenshot or making some edits to a screenshot taken, people fail, in this case

we will suggest a great Long Screenshot With Photo Markup application to help you succeed and make your screenshot experience even better

Nowadays, all kinds of exchanges take place through mobile, especially photo and video exchanges

Long Screenshot With Photo Markup


We exchange a variety of things like voice exchange and text exchange with friends, some of which can even be kept as important photos and videos

For example, if you chat with someone on WhatsApp, taking a screenshot of it will be an important way to the future source

With this Long Screenshot application, you can get help in many ways, for example, if you are paying someone via mobile,

then you can pay for that and take a screenshot if you need proof of that, then this Long Screenshot application will help you when trying to take a very long screenshot

ScreenMaster: Screenshot & Longshot, Photo Markup

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