Today we are going to look at a great launcher application that mobile users have never seen before,

This application is a unique Live Icons Launcher application. That means it will animate all the applications on your mobile

making it look like a multi-colored insect flying on your mobile screen. It’s very special, it’s more than just talking, it’s just tasting,

how do you do this? So let’s start this web site article with some discussions about what is the benefit available

Mobile users are trying to make their mobile look beautiful on a daily basis and this effort is often not what they call full satisfaction

so we are going to look at a better launcher application that keeps reflecting more beautifully

This Live Icons Launcher app is fully animated, which makes all the contents of your mobile phone shine, animate and animate.

It’s likely that women will like this more, it’s a new invention, this Live Icons system launcher has just been created

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