Clock Vault App For Hiding Photos, Videos & Hide Files

Clock Vault

We hide our important photos on the mobile through the Vault App, in case anyone comes in when we want to open the hidden photos

Secret Clock Vault

They will see that photo before we close that application, we can not prevent this because even if we hide it from others if someone comes in while watching hidden photo videos

Clock Vault 2022

the situation will happen that they accidentally see. But if you tilt your mobile phone slightly when someone else arrives, it’s a record of a Clock Vault App that disappears automatically.

Clock Vault App

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n today’s world, people are choosing to have more camera megapixels than the mobiles they buy

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so the mobiles they choose are paying more and more, so the photos of the mobiles they buy are taken with a very beautiful look.

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Unlike in the old days, photography is now a way of taking photos on mobile, so photos taken wherever you go are stored on mobile

Clock Vault 2022 App

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