Innovative App Hider For Android

Mobile means we use a wide variety of apps, and it would be best not to show some of the important applications to others

What Is The App Hider System Required For?

We need to think a little bit about the app hider, example, we may give the mobile to others at some point, it may be to our relatives, friends, loved

Best App Hider App

You can get many help to cover the application, but we have to hide it with a special app hider method

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Play Store Details Of Launcher App Hider

Ruthless Launcher is a lightweight, yet feature-rich launcher based on Amir Zaidi’s Shade Launcher

Install, And Use The Launcher App Hider?

Features: Parity with the latest Play Store release of Shade. Everything, including Grids, Accent Colors and Smart Unread are all included.

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