Play Store App Equivalent to Free Unlimited International Call – Solution for International Calls!

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In a world where staying connected with loved ones across the globe is more important than ever, finding a cost-effective way to make international calls is a necessity.

Fortunately, there’s an app that has been revolutionizing the way people communicate internationally since 2015 – Yolla.

With over 5 million downloads and a stellar rating from its users. Yolla is the go-to choice for those seeking affordable and high-quality international calling solutions.

Developed in accordance with Google’s recommended policies for app content, Yolla offers a transparent and user-friendly platform for making calls to any country in the world, whether it’s to a landline or mobile phone.

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationFree Calls
Nowadays Installs5M+ Downloads
Nowadays App Size90MB
Offered ByYolla Calls International
App PolicyPolicy
Contact Developer[email protected]
Released onOct 20, 2015
Updated onMar 28, 2024
Play Store App Equivalent to Free Unlimited International Call
Free unlimited international call (Play Store Yolla App)

Affordable International Calling

One of the standout features of Yolla is its incredibly low rates, starting from just One of the standout features of Yolla is its incredibly low rates, starting from just $0.004 per minute..004 per minute.

Unlike calling apps that may sneak in hidden fees, Yolla provides transparent pricing, ensuring that users always know the final cost before making a call.

With Yolla, there are no expiration dates on your balance, meaning you can top up and make calls at your convenience.

Premium Quality Calls

Yolla prides itself on offering the best call quality possible. Users can enjoy clear audio and a stable connection, making international calls feel as seamless as local ones.

Whether you’re calling India, Nigeria, Ethiopia, or any other country, you can trust that Yolla will deliver crystal-clear sound every time.

International Texting

For those moments when making a call isn’t feasible, Yolla also offers international texting to over 150 countries.

Need to send a quick message to a friend or family member abroad? With Yolla, it’s as easy as typing and sending.

Free International Calls

Yolla rewards its users with free credits for inviting friends to join the app. Once a friend makes their first payment, both parties receive extra credits, allowing for even more free international calls.

Additionally, users can participate in testing programs and promotions to earn additional bonuses for free calls.

Other Key Features

  • Display your own number to the people you call.
  • Save money by avoiding roaming fees when abroad.
  • Easy mobile recharge for 148 countries.
  • Free app-to-app calls and video calls.
  • Stay in touch with family, even if they don’t have Yolla or internet access.
  • Help friends and family by recharging their Yolla accounts.
  • User-friendly interface with simple steps to make calls.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Yolla is simple:

  1. Install the Yolla app and sign up with your phone number.
  2. Add credits to your account.
  3. Enter the number you’d like to call or select a contact from your phone.
  4. Start making affordable international calls!

Customer Support and Feedback

Yolla values user feedback and offers 24/7 support to assist with any questions or concerns. Whether you have suggestions for improvement or simply want to share your experience, you can reach out to the team at [email protected].

With Yolla, international calling has never been more accessible or affordable. Say goodbye to excessive fees and hello to clear, reliable communication with friends and family around the world.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler, an expatriate, or simply someone who wants to stay connected across borders, Yolla is the ultimate solution for affordable international calls. Download Yolla today from the Google Play Store and start talking more for less!

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