Parallax 3D Live Wallpapers: 5M+ Installs

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Mobile is an important part of our daily life. so without smartphones, nothing is possible to do or to face daily problems. wallpaper plays a major role in our mood.

so, to overcome this problem our team has found the best app known as Parallax 3D live wallpapers. this gives you a bright attraction to us or those who see our mobile phones.

why is this parallax 3d wallpaper download for

Our mobile wallpaper is a thing that makes us or others attract another person. this may change your mood of you from sad to happy. it is not good when the wallpaper of others is shown on our phones.

so, this application gives you a sweet solution for this problem. this wallpaper application will attract others to see our mobile phones.

Are this the best wallpaper app for Android

This app is auspicious and trusted. you can download the app with full support without fear.

So, Playstore is the best platform for this facility. you can download the app with a 100% guarantee given by Play Store. so download without queries.


There are many applications in the play store app but this Parallax 3D wallpaper app will provide a service that is different from others.
If you wish to know more continue to read or directly download from the most trusted and default platform Google Playstore.
Download, the app by clicking on the button.

Details Of 3D Live Wallpapers App

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The Application3D
Nowadays Installs5M+ Downloads
App Size18MB
Offered ByTarrySoft
App Policy

A unique 3D wallpapers- parallax backgrounds collection: Our wallpaper maker gives your background a real 3D depth effect! Explore amazing moving wallpapers and multi-layered animated parallax 3D wallpapers.

This incredible cool wallpapers maker has a vast collection of 4K live wallpapers in 3D with stunning effects from which you can choose. Easy customization & preview. Download now for a unique experience!

Discover Stunning 3D Wallpaper!

Many parallax 4K live wallpapers in 3D HD/4K, with different categories that you will love plus many free ringtones.

More Details Of QR Code Scanner App

Nowadays Reviews122K reviews (4.8 Rating)
Released OnOct 12, 2017
Address8 The Green Suite #4184 Dover, DE 19901
Contact[email protected]


  • Superheroes;
  • Anime;
  • Black backgrounds HD;
  • Space and planets;
  • Supercars;
  • Sports;
  • Abstract;
  • Holidays;
  • Animals;
  • Fantasy;
  • Nature landscapes, and many more parallax 3D wallpapers.

With new 4K live wallpapers in 3D being submitted weekly, you can choose from a constantly growing collection of moving wallpapers. Say goodbye to monotonous backgrounds with this cool wallpapers maker.

Transform your background with 4K live wallpapers in 3D that fit your style, add items to your favourites with one click, use our search engine to find what you want, and make your phone unique with this fantastic cool wallpapers maker.

Cool Wallpaper Maker: Take customization to the next level by adjusting the strength of the effect and setting the battery saving mode to reduce consumption to 1%

A whole new dimension of phone customization!

  • variety of categories.
  • Battery efficient.
  • Smooth rendering.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Designed for phones and tablets.
  • Works with both gyroscope and accelerometer.
  • No special permissions are needed.
  • 250+ 3D parallax 4K live wallpapers and growing.

All 4K live wallpapers in 3D are designed and auto-adjusted to fit any aspect ratio, including Ultra wide screens 18:9, and tested with the most popular devices such as Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc.

Unleash the full potential of your device with our 3D wallpaper app! With a vast selection of moving wallpapers, mesmerizing parallax effects, and easy customization options, you’ll have the perfect cool wallpapers for your device background in no time.

Don’t wait. Download this cool wallpapers maker and take the first step to a more personalized and visually stunning device experience!

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Let’s Talk About parallax live wallpapers Android!

So, I conclude that our team has researched and provided this app to change the wallpaper on all mobile phones. So you will more be benefited by this application. we have this app with such a special feature, to beautify and use your mobile every day, we wish you all the best.

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