Hide Your Whatsapp Chat In Public Places

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When you chat with your loved ones or relatives on WhatsApp, nearby people are watching?

That is, we keep our loved ones registered on the mobile phone with a cute name.

When you chat with them on WhatsApp, that name and their photo will appear, and when you chat in public places, there is a chance for others to see this.

If you are looking for a great way to escape from this, then this website is the best for you.

Do other people see it when you chat on WhatsApp in public places?

That means WhatsApp chatting is something that everyone can do and the joy of chatting with your loved ones on WhatsApp is so great.

So we chat for hours with our favorite people, and we face some problems when we are traveling on a bus or sitting with everyone in public places.

This means that when we chat with our loved ones, their DP and online status will show all the information they are typing, including their name.

Sometimes we write down a few names of the love names and it will be visible to everyone, and there is a chance that others will know it when they see it.

We can try to hide it, but we can’t chat with them in public for fear of this, you’re going to see an app opportunity that can completely change this thing, even if others see it, original photo, and online status.

Note: This has nothing to do with WhatsApp, which will place a photo on top of your publicly visible name in your chat.

Therefore, it is a special process that you can work on without any harm to your WhatsApp.

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What will its capacity be?

For example, you are traveling on a bus, and you are chatting on WhatsApp with your girlfriend, while the people sitting next to you are looking at your WhatsApp.

Then your girlfriend’s WhatsApp DP and the name you have assigned to them will appear on your mobile, with that other people will easily understand that you are chatting with your girlfriend, if you don’t want this thing then this article will surely help you.

That means you can match a different DP and match a different name by hiding only that part of the DP and their name while chatting on your WhatsApp application on your mobile display, this application helps you with that, so that your secret is kept confidential.

What is the benefit of this?

Generally, every man has his own feeling, his own secret, and his own love, and he lives according to that.

When registering a person’s name on a mobile phone he registers as he likes, sometimes even before marriage he registers his girlfriend’s name as his wife.

Then when he chats with her through social media platforms his wife’s name will appear, the name he has registered is for him, for his happiness and he thinks that others should not see it, it will be helpful in such moments.

How to install it?

Below the article, we have given you the option to access the website to install this app, once you click on this directly the app will be installed on your mobile.

However, it is best to download and use any application at your own discretion. Remember that everything should depend on personal preference.

Hide Your Whatsapp Chat In Public Places, we think this application will surely help you in that way.

Hide Your Whatsapp Chat In Public Places
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