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Even if you know English well, writing it without grammar mistakes is a bit difficult for everyone. That is, when we share information with someone in writing, we pay more attention to ensure that there are no typos or grammatical errors.

But, there is an excellent Grammar Correction App in this area that can eliminate this problem 100%. This Grammar Correction Free online application is well received by the people of the world.

Also, many people use it, this Grammar Correction app is free on the play store as a way to support all social media applications on mobile and it has many features.

However, this website is designed to present you with the information gathered from there, which will surely help you. And more than 10 million people are using it now.

So, take advantage of such a special Android Grammar Correction app online. It is important to note that when you write text messages or write any information on your mobile, it corrects grammar mistakes and typos, word errors, etc. in your writing.

Grammarly App Features:

  • Type faster
  • Reduces wordiness
  • Find synonyms
  • Strike the right tone
  • Write in multiple languages
  • Writing suggestions for all your apps
  • Fis spelling and grammar mistakes

When is the Grammar Corrector app needed?

For example, nowadays we send a lot of text messages through WhatsApp and in doing so (when you write a message fast) you hardly notice any mistakes in it.

But if there is a mistake it will give a red underline under the letter to indicate it and when you click on it the letter will change automatically. This means that the mistake is removed and the writing becomes error-free, and then you can easily share it with others.

Therefore, it is noteworthy that with the Grammatical Correction app, even a person who does not know much English can write messages as if he has mastered English. That is, it is important that your English communication will be amazing to others.

Is Grammarly the best app?

You don’t need to have this doubt because we have included more explanations about it in the article. As of now, more than 10 million people are using it and it is likely to increase in the future.

Also, open an account with the website Grammarly and correct mistakes (typing errors) in the blog articles they write and things like Gmail that they send to work.

Let’s go on and on, this Grammarly Android application is just one attempt to bring it to mobile, as it provides so much help (and it works for many).

Everyone is using this mobile Grammarly application till now and posting their best opinion. It has got the best rating of 4.4 rating on the play store and till now 189 thousand people have given their opinion on it.

Therefore, it is noteworthy that only after reading everything, did our website team find this Grammar Correction app for Android application through the play store.

It is also worth noting that all the applications released from the Play Store are released after following the best policy.

That is, the policy has included many directives for the benefit of the users, following those directives, the Play Store only places the applications on its website, it is also worth noting that the applications that violate it will be automatically removed (not given space). So feel free to use Google Play Store as our website.

Details Of Grammar Correction Keyboard

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationUseful
Nowadays Installs10M+ Downloads
App Size141MB
Offered ByGrammarly, Inc.
App Policy

Grammar Correction Keyboard: Edit and correct your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and more with your personal writing assistant, grammar checker, and editor.

The Grammarly Keyboard and proofreader allow you to write clearly, confidently, and mistake-free in all your apps.

Advanced features such as the synonyms tool help you enhance your vocabulary, spell check words and improve your writing – from emails to social media posts.

Grammarly grammar checker and editor: how does it work?

  • Simply download the Grammarly app and enable Grammarly in your Keyboard settings.
  • You can adjust the look of your Keyboard for a customized experience—choose light or dark, key borders, the number row, and more.
  • You’re now good to go! Simply start typing in any app. Grammarly will check each word, your grammar, spelling, and punctuation, suggest synonyms, and help you improve your communication skills.

More Details Of Grammarly Correction App

Nowadays Reviews189K reviews (4.4 Rating)
Released OnDec 11, 2017
Address548 Market Street Suite 35410 San Francisco, CA USA
Contact[email protected]

Whether you’re typing emails on the go, editing an important LinkedIn post, sending a text message, or composing an essential tweet, the Grammarly writing assistant and grammar checker lets you spell check, correct, edit, and perfect your message from your mobile device with confidence.

The Grammarly Keyboard also supports swipe typing, so you can compose quality writing without slowing down.

Edit, spell check, and correct your writing in real-time

  1. Grammar checker: Knowing your grammar is always mistake-free.
  2. Spelling checker and proofreader: Easily avoid common typos.
  3. Advanced punctuation correction: Take the guesswork out of punctuation.
  4. Synonyms and editor: See better word choices and select synonyms as you’re typing.

Writing assistant and proofreader: Improve your communication skills

  • Receive short, clear explanations for every correction.
  • Understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future.

Customizable for your needs

  • Dialect settings (American, Canadian, British, and Australian English)
  • Light and dark themes
  • Personal dictionary: Easily add your own vocabulary to your dictionary

Uplevel Your Communication Skills With Premium

Take your writing and communication skills from good to great with our advanced features and suggestions.

Grammarly Premium helps you strike the right tone, gives you real-time feedback, and helps you broaden your vocabulary by suggesting impactful, vivid words to help your message, social media post, or email come to life.

Premium features include:

  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Clarity improvements
  • Tone adjustments
  • Word choice
  • Formality level
  • Fluency

Note: We designed the Grammarly Keyboard to be a writing assistant that works anywhere you write—no copying or pasting required, no proofreader needed.

More Useful Apps:

Grammarly Grammar Correction Keyboard

Grammar Correction app free download

Installing this application is very easy, you can go to the play store section and install it with one click.

That is, more than 10 million people have installed it that way, so it is better for you to download it as well, we have given the way to get there in our website article.

Grammarly Android App

Let’s talk about Grammar Correction App!

It was an application that could correct typos, word mistakes, etc. while writing. Not only that but we are proud to recommend you this application which solves the problem of the English language spoken by all the people of the world.

So we have given this to you because this is one of the most important applications to have on mobile, share this article with your friends to get this application to mobile.

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