Gesture Mobile Lock Screen App: A Comprehensive Play Store Review

Note: The applications mentioned in the article may be removed or continued to be offered by the Play Store in the future for some important reasons (policy reasons) in the interest of the users.
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In today’s ensuring the security of our smartphones is paramount. With the abundance of personal data stored on our devices.

It’s essential to have robust security measures in place. One such measure is the Gesture Lock Screen application, available on the Play Store as part of Google’s recommended apps. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of this popular security tool.

Play Store Gesture Lock Screen Overview

As of the date this article was published (04/20/2024): 4.1 star rating on Play Store.
Official SitePlay Store
App NameGesture Lock Screen
Use Of The ApplicationGesture Lock Screen
Nowadays Installs10M+ Downloads with 91.5K reviews
Nowadays App Size9MB Only (May vary depending on device.)
Offered ByQ Locker
Contact Developer[email protected]
Released onAug 28, 2015
Updated onApr 14, 2024
Developer Address99 Tower North Road

The Gesture Lock Screen app developed by Q Locker is a feature-rich app designed to protect your Android device with a personalized gesture-based lock screen.

With more than 10 million downloads and numerous positive reviews, it is clear from the play store that users trust and appreciate its functionality.

Features Of Gesture Lock Screen App

gesture lock screen app review
gesture lock screen app (Paly Store Image)

Gesture Lock:

The application allows users to draw custom gestures to unlock their phones, offering flexibility and personalization.

Users can add, change, or delete gestures, choose from various gesture colors, and adjust sensitivity to suit their preferences.

Intruder Selfie:

In the event of unauthorized access attempts, Gesture Lock Screen automatically captures a photo of the intruder and sends it to the user’s email address.

This feature provides an added layer of mobile security and serves as a deterrent to potential intruders.


Gesture Lock Screen displays notifications on the lock screen, including unread messages, missed calls, music player controls, and alarms.

Users can customize notification settings to hide sensitive content and interact with notifications directly from the lock screen.


To ensure access in case of forgotten gestures, the application offers a recovery password feature. Users can set a 4 to 8-digit recovery password, providing peace of mind without compromising security.

Customization Options:

Gesture Lock Screen app offers extensive customization options, allowing users to personalize their lock screen experience.

From wallpaper selection to date and time settings, users can tailor the interface to reflect their style and preferences.

Advanced Features:

The application includes advanced features such as the ability to lock the screen without pressing the physical power button, providing convenience and efficiency in everyday use.

Privacy and Security:

Gesture Lock Screen prioritizes user privacy and security, adhering to Google’s recommended policies for app development.

The app’s privacy policy is accessible via a provided link. Ensuring transparency regarding data handling practices.

For more information on Google’s recommended policies for app development, please visit Google’s Developer Content Policy.

Protect your phone with Gesture Lock Screen today and experience the ultimate combination of security and convenience.

Download it now from the Play Store and take control of your device’s security like never before. If you want to mote details, please see the YouTube video tutorial.

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