Dot Customizer: Best App For Hand Embroidery Design On Mobile

Note: The applications mentioned in the article may be removed or continued to be offered by the Play Store in the future for some important reasons (policy reasons) in the interest of the users.
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Man’s desire for clothes never diminishes and he loves clothes with various designs and names written on them.

Therefore, women at home learn to embroider with this in mind. But you know? You can learn embroidering for free with your mobile phone, and if you have a WiFi sewing mission, you can connect the embroidery design you created to the machine and create it in real life on your fabric. The reason is the fact that this Machine embroidery design app is free.

Yes, such an Embroidering Dot Customizer application is available on Google Play Store. This embroidery design app free is used by women in our family.

And you will get various emroiding opportunities in it. Yes, when you download it, it will offer kids collection, flower collection, and animal collection, there are hundreds of collections that you can use and make your own.

For example you can even write your favorite name, zoom in on the letters and know how much stitching is there and how they were made, and you can embroider your fabric with a needle as well.

Overall, this hand embroidery design application provides an opportunity to learn embroidery very easily. Also, when you learn to install it, you will have the look of embroidering on real fabric.

This way you don’t just learn by appliqué, it gives you a feeling of learning by embroidering directly on the fabric.

So we are proud to recommend this Play Store hand embroidery design application to you. And since this is an application taken from the Google Play Store, there is no doubt that it will be an application that can help users without violating the policy.

Below we have attached additional information about this application idol, check it, directly download and use it.

A Powerful Embroidery Tool

Released on November 21, 2019, dot Customizer is designed to work seamlessly with compatible embroidery machines, allowing users to send designs wirelessly.

This means there’s no need for cords or USB sticks, making transferring designs to your embroidery machine simple and efficient.

Key Features

Best app for hand embroidery design
embroidery design app free (Play Store)

Extensive Design Library

The app comes with 260 built-in embroidery designs from a wide range of categories. Whether looking for floral patterns, geometric shapes, or something seasonal, you’ll find plenty of options to inspire your creativity.

Customizable Text

One of the standout features of Dot Customizer is the ability to combine embroidery designs with letters and words to create unique designs.

The embroidery design app includes 12 different English fonts and one Japanese font, including Kanji, giving you a variety of styles to choose from.

This makes it the best app for hand embroidery design for making gifts, creating unique garments, or adding a special touch to any project.

Beginner-Friendly and Advanced Modes

The app offers two different modes to cater to all skill levels. The “Beginner” mode is particularly user-friendly.

It provides an easy-to-app navigate interface for new embroiderers. Also, the Advanced mode is for more experienced users.

Yes, it offers various editing functions. That means there’s copy/paste, resizing, stitch density adjustment, color selection and matching.

Preview and Simulation

Before committing your design to fabric, Dot Customizer allows you to use its embroidery simulation and trace functions.

This App feature helps you check the position of your design on the fabric. Ensuring that everything is perfectly aligned before you start stitching.

Why Choose dot Customizer?

Best app for hand embroidery design
Best dot Customizer app for hand embroidery design (Play Store)

Easy to Use: The simplicity of dot Customizer makes it accessible for everyone. The intuitive interface and straightforward functionality mean you can start creating beautiful embroidery designs right away.

Wireless Convenience: By eliminating the need for physical connections to transfer designs, dot Customizer offers a level of convenience that is hard to beat. You can quickly send your designs to your embroidery machine wirelessly, saving time and effort.

Free of Charge: Despite its robust feature set, the dot Customizer embroidery design app is completely free to use. Yes, this app makes it an ideal choice for hobbyists who are looking for a high-quality embroidery design tool without any cost.

Official SitePlay Store
Nowadays Installs10K+ Downloads
App Size90MB
Offered ByDRAWstitch International Ltd.
App PolicyPrivacy Policy
App Official Site
Contact Developer[email protected]

Compliance with Google’s Policies

It’s worth noting that applications available on the Google Play Store, like dot Customizer, adhere to Google’s recommended policies.

The convenience of wireless design transfer and the reassurance of using an app that complies with Google’s developer content policies make it even more appealing.

Download dot Customizer today from the Google Play Store and start exploring the endless possibilities of embroidery design.

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