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Tell you something? What a man loves more than himself is his mobile. Yes, because at present, he has started saving all the information related to him through his mobile.

If that’s the case, he feels like he’s missing half of his body if he doesn’t have his mobile in his hand. He needs to know if anyone is taking, or trying to take, such a phone when he sometimes happens to be big.

Yes, it is very mandatory. For example, one can leave his phone and sleep, charge it and go out, or take a shower, not in the office leave the phone and go to the bathroom.

In such circumstances, if anyone tries to take his mobile without his permission, report it immediately. That help is also available through the best dont touch my phone application.

Mainly our opinion is to get those don’t touch my phone applications from the Play Store, that is the purpose of this article.

Yes, a user needs security and an opportunity to provide that security from a good place. We are proud to offer such an opportunity.

The seven best don’t touch my phone apps in this article will do the job of protecting your phone. It will not allow anyone to take your phone without your permission, keep checking the list of don’t touch my phone applications that can do such a job.

And use them. This means that no one can take your phone while you are sleeping, or at any moment when you are away.

Yes, it is worth noting that if someone tries to steal your phone even from your pocket without your permission, it will reveal it too.

Note: We hope this is a great article. We hope you realize that because all these are made for mobile users and their security. The moment the mobile leaves them, the mobile will ring and call them.

For example, if someone touches the phone without permission it will beep. It is important to note that if a child is picked up by someone other than the parent, it screams, and if someone else picks it up (attempts to) without your permission, your mobile will take a picture of it and show it to you.

Play Store Top 7 Dont Touch My Phone App

Play Store selects all the Top 7 Dont Touch My Phone Apps featured in the list below. All of them can be improved and become an application that everyone uses and benefits. So don’t hesitate to check out the list, it’s waiting for you. You can just install it without going away from protecting your phone.

Note: The seven dont touch my mobile applications covered in the article will contain separate information. We have written each application clearly and at length. Yes, because should give a detailed explanation of each application in the best possible way.

so it will give you more understanding. For example, take some time to read it and choose the best one for you as it will prove to you the need and satisfactory work ability of the application, our best wishes and let’s travel.

Top 7 Dont Touch My Phone App
Top 7 Dont Touch My Phone App

7. Don’t Touch My Phone: Alarm

Official SitecPlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationDon’t Touch My Phone: Alarm
Nowadays Installs1K+ Downloads
App Size26MB
Offered ByNeko Soft
Released onNov 22, 2023
App PolicySee
Contact Developer[email protected]

The “Dont Touch My Mobile: Alarm” app seems to offer a variety of security features to protect your phone from unauthorized access and theft. Here’s a summary of its functionalities:

Main Features:

  1. Motion Detection: Alerts and triggers alarms when someone touches or attempts to disconnect the charger without permission.
  2. Alarm Sounds and Flashlights: Offers a selection of alarm sounds (police sirens, dog barking, etc.) and flashlights to deter unauthorized users and help locate the phone.
  3. Adjustable Settings: Allows users to adjust vibration and flash intensity for personalized security preferences.
  4. AI Technology: Utilizes AI to detect light intensity changes, notifying users if the phone is taken out of a pocket or bag intentionally.
  5. Find My Phone by Clap or Whistle: Includes features to locate the phone quickly by clapping or whistling, making it easier to find in any situation.

How to Use Dont Touch My Phone App:

  1. Launch the Application: Open the app.
  2. Select Alarm Sound: Choose from the available alarm sounds.
  3. Activate the Alarm: Press the “Activate” button to enable the security features.


  1. Theft Deterrent: Acts as a deterrent against theft and unauthorized access.
  2. Privacy Protection: Ensures the privacy and security of your phone’s content.
  3. Easy Phone Location: Helps users find their phone quickly using sound cues like clapping or whistling.
Dont Touch My Phone
dont touch my mobile

6. Don’t Touch My Phone

Official SitecPlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationDon’t Touch My Phone
Nowadays Installs10K+ Downloads (181 reviews)
App Size15MB
Offered ByAppX Pro Studio
Released onDec 9, 2021
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Contact Developer[email protected]

Key Features Of Dont Touch My Mobile App:

  1. Motion Detection Alarm: Notifies you when someone tries to touch or disconnect the charger without permission.
  2. Anti-Pickpocket Protection: Acts as a deterrent for thieves trying to steal your phone.
  3. Charger Removal Alert: Alerts you if someone tries to disconnect the charger while your phone is charging.
  4. Password and Pattern Protection: Set up a password or pattern to prevent unauthorized access.
  5. PIN Code and Fingerprint Protection: Provides additional layers of security using PIN codes and fingerprint authentication.
  6. Customizable Alarm: Set up your own alarm sound and duration, making it difficult for intruders to silence the alarm.
  7. Flashlight Activation: Activates the flashlight when the alarm is triggered for better visibility.

Use Cases:

  1. Preventing Unauthorized Access: Secure your phone from unauthorized users trying to read private messages or emails.
  2. Theft Deterrent: Acts as a deterrent against theft, especially in public places like schools or airports.
  3. Privacy Protection: Prevents snooping by friends, family, or coworkers when you’re not around.
  4. Locating Stolen Phones: Helps in identifying and locating thieves by capturing pictures or pinpointing their location.

Additional Benefits of Dont Touch My Phone App:

  1. Background Operation: Works even when the phone is switched off, enhancing theft protection.
  2. Thief Deterrent: Unable to reduce alarm volume even in silent mode, making it challenging for thieves to silence the alarm.
  3. Custom Voice Message: Record your own voice message as an alarm ringtone to deter nosy individuals.
Don't Touch My Phone

5. Antitheft Motion Alarm Dont To

Official SitecPlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationAntitheft Motion Alarm Dont To
Nowadays Installs100K+ Downloads (916 reviews)
App Size7MB Only
Offered ByDroidrec
Released onJul 16, 2020
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Contact Developer[email protected]

In today’s world, our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, holding valuable personal and professional information.

The fear of unauthorized access or theft of our devices is a constant concern. Luckily, advancements in technology have birthed solutions like the “Don’t Touch My Phoneanti-theft application, designed to safeguard your smartphone against unwanted intrusions.

Where You Can Utilize the Antitheft Motion Alarm App

Immediate Alarm Activation: The alarm triggers the moment someone touches your phone, immediately alerting you to potential unauthorized access.

Identifying Intruders: Discover the identity of those attempting to tamper with your smartphone, providing a layer of security for your device.

Preventing Unauthorized Access: Concerned about others snooping through your phone’s private contents? This app acts as a barrier, safeguarding your texts, emails, and private data.

Public Security: Fear leaving your phone unattended in public spaces like trains, schools, or airports? The app adds an extra shield against potential theft.

Family and Friends: Instances where family members, friends, or colleagues might use your phone without your presence are also covered, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

Antitheft Motion Alarm Dont To
Antitheft Motion Alarm Dont To

Understanding the Dont Touch My Phone App

This innovative application serves as a vigilant guardian for your smartphone. It detects motion when anyone attempts to interact with your phone without your consent.

It’s a powerful tool with a theft alarm feature that activates upon detecting unauthorized touch or even if someone tries to disconnect the charger without your permission.

In essence, it’s the ultimate smartphone lock of 2020, fortified with an impressive IMEI device tracker, enabling you to identify the culprit swiftly.

Application Permissions and Your Privacy

To function optimally, the app requires certain permissions. These permissions include:

  1. Access to open network sockets.
  2. Information about networks to ensure seamless functioning.
  3. PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS to enhance the app’s performance.
  4. Access to fine location details (like GPS) for precise tracking.
  5. Vibration feature access, aiding in alarm alerts.

4. Don’t touch My phone

Official SitecPlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationDon’t touch My phone
Nowadays Installs1M+ Downloads (21.6K reviews)
App Size7MB Only
Offered ByFind My Device Apps
Released onMar 12, 2019
App PolicySee
Contact Developer[email protected]

In today’s digital age, our smartphones and tablets are like extensions of ourselves, holding our valuable information, memories, and connections.

But the fear of losing or having our devices accessed by unauthorized individuals often plagues us. Enter “Don’t Touch My Phone, Find Lost Phone” — an antidote to these worries. This application, equipped with an array of features, aims to ensure the safety of your device and alleviate the anxiety of potential loss or intrusion.

Picture this: You’re in a bustling market or a crowded space, and the worry of someone slipping their hand into your pocket or bag and walking away with your phone lingers.

The “Pocket Snatching Alarm” feature is your guardian angel here. With a simple activation, any attempt to remove your phone triggers a blaring alarm, startling the pickpocket and securing your device instantly.

Don't touch My phone
Don’t touch My phone app

Ever left your phone unattended, even for a moment, and felt the prickling worry of someone accessing your private data? “Motion Alert” comes into play here. Activate this feature, and your device becomes hyper-aware of movement.

The slightest touch prompts an alarm, deterring any unauthorized access and giving you the prompt to check on your phone.

Imagine being able to track your device when it’s lost or misplaced. The “GPS Phone Tracker – Find Lost Phone” feature provides a lifeline in such situations. A single tap on your screen reveals your phone’s current location on a map, helping you retrieve it swiftly.

But it’s not just about safeguarding your own device; “Don’t Touch My Phone” also allows you to share your device’s location with trusted contacts through the “Share Location” feature. This way, you and your loved ones can stay connected and assured of each other’s safety, no matter where you are.

Moreover, the app offers customizable settings to cater to your specific needs. Adjust the sensitivity levels of various features like the motion sensor or choose alarm tones that are not only loud enough to startle intruders but also resonate with your preferences.

The “Charging Detection Charger Removal Alert” is a subtle yet effective feature. In public places or offices, where charging your device is a norm, activating this feature ensures that if someone unplugs your charger, an alarm rings, potentially deterring any theft attempts.

The beauty of this app lies in its simplicity. It’s not just a safety net against potential theft or intrusion; it’s a peace-of-mind assurance.

By incorporating these features into our daily lives, we can navigate through the digital world with confidence, knowing that our devices are protected and our focus can remain on more important aspects of life.

So, the next time you step into a crowded space or leave your phone unattended, let “Don’t Touch My Phone, Find Lost Phone” be your shield, guarding your device and your peace of mind simultaneously.

3. Don’t Touch My Phone: Alarm

Official SitecPlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationDon’t Touch My Phone: Alarm
Nowadays Installs1M+ Downloads (24.1K reviews)
App Size21MB
Offered ByMIA Studio Inc
Released onOct 16, 2023
App PolicySee
Contact Developer[email protected]

In today’s world, our phones are more than just devices; they’re extensions of our lives, holding valuable information and memories. Yet, the threat of theft or intrusion constantly looms.

Enter Dont Touch My Phone, a revolutionary anti-theft application tailored to safeguard your device and your privacy.

Imagine having an app that acts as a vigilant guardian, employing advanced anti-spy detector technology to identify and deter unwanted access.

This isn’t just another security app—it’s a comprehensive shield designed to fortify your phone against potential threats.

Don't Touch My Phone: Alarm

Understanding Dont Touch My Phone

A Fortress of Sound Alerts

Don’t Touch My Phone offers a diverse array of sound alerts, giving you the power to choose the perfect alarm tone that resonates with you. From the authoritative blare of a police siren to the familiarity of a doorbell ringing, or even the soothing laughter of a baby, these customizable options ensure that your alert matches your style.

Flexible Activation and Customization

Activating and deactivating the phone alert is as simple as a tap. Customize flash modes for your alarm, whether it’s the vibrant disco flash or the universally recognized SOS signal. Tailor vibration patterns to suit your preferences—choose from vibration, heartbeat, or the rhythmic ticktock.

Adjustable Volume and Duration

Fine-tune the volume of the motion alarm to your liking, ensuring that the anti-theft siren is loud enough to deter intruders effectively. Additionally, set the duration for the alert to align with your security needs.

Why Choose Dont Touch My Phone?

Detecting Thieves with Precision

Once activated, this app acts as a sentinel. Any unauthorized attempt to access your phone triggers the alarm automatically. The customizable flash modes and vibration settings provide a personalized layer of protection. Adjust the volume and duration of the anti-theft siren to match your specific security requirements.

Safeguarding Privacy

Privacy is paramount. Activating the alarm ensures that your phone remains off-limits to prying eyes. With Dont Touch My Phone, your private data stays secure, giving you peace of mind, even when your phone is unattended.

Travel with Confidence

Traveling brings its own set of concerns, especially the fear of pickpocketing or theft. With Dont Touch My Phone, you can set aside such worries. The app’s motion alert system detects any unauthorized attempt to access your phone and promptly triggers the alarm, effectively deterring potential thieves.

Secure Your Phone: Dont Touch My Phone - Your Anti-Theft Guardian
Don’t Touch My Phone Alarm app
Secure Your Phone: Dont Touch My Phone - Your Guardian App
Don’t Touch My Phone Alarm app
Secure Your Phone with Dont Touch My Phone!
Don’t Touch My Phone Alarm app
Secure Your Phone: Dont Touch My Phone - Your Ultimate Anti-Theft App
Don’t Touch My Phone Alarm app
Secure Your Phone: Dont Touch My Phone - The Ultimate Anti-Theft Guardian
Don’t Touch My Phone Alarm app

Simple Operation for Enhanced Security

Using Dont Touch My Phone – Alarm is a breeze:

  1. Select your preferred ringing sound.
  2. Customize volume and duration settings.
  3. Choose flash modes and vibration patterns.
  4. Apply your settings, return to the home screen, and tap to activate or deactivate the alert.

Elevate Your Phone Security Today

Never again worry about losing your device or compromising your privacy. Dont Touch My Phone is your dependable ally in the fight against theft and intrusion. Experience a higher level of phone security today!

2. No One Touch My Phone – Theft Alarm

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationNo One Touch My Phone – Theft Alarm
Nowadays Installs5M+ Downloads (25K reviews)
App Size11MB
Offered ByVisu Entertainment
Released onMay 19, 2018
App PolicySee
Contact Developer[email protected]

In a world where our phones hold our most precious information, ensuring their safety from prying eyes and potential thieves has become paramount.

The “No One Touch My Phone – Theft Alarm” application stands as a guardian, shielding your device from unauthorized access and potential theft. Let’s delve into this ingenious anti-theft app and explore how it can safeguard your phone.

No One Touch My Phone - Theft Alarm
Theft Alarm

Understanding the Application

This app serves as a shield against unauthorized access to your mobile phone. Imagine a scenario: you’re in a public place, and you need to step away, leaving your phone behind. Activating this anti-theft alarm ensures that no one can tamper with your device without setting off a loud, attention-grabbing sound.

No One Touch My Phone Security

How to Use the Anti-Theft Alarm

Using the “No One Touch My Phone” app is straightforward:

  • Activation: Simply click “Start” to activate the anti-theft alarm.
  • Placement: Place your device anywhere you wish.
  • Alarm Trigger: If anyone touches your mobile, the alarm will promptly activate.
  • Notification: You’ll receive instant notifications about the unauthorized access attempt.

Practical Uses of the App

This app isn’t just a gimmick; it’s a practical solution to various situations:

  • Theft Prevention: It’s your defense against phone theft.
  • Privacy Shield: Prevents friends or anyone else from snooping into your private photos, videos, or messages.
  • Data Security: Safeguards your valuable data from unauthorized access.
  • Public Safety: Feel secure leaving your device in public spaces.
  • Family Protection: Keeps your phone secure from unauthorized access by children or family members when you’re not around.
  • new No One Touch My Phone
  • Secure Your Phone: No One Touch My Phone - Theft Alarm
  • Secure Your Phone: No One Touch My Phone Alarm!
  • Secure Your Phone: No One Touch My Phone - Theft Alarm
  • Secure Your Phone: No One Touch My Phone Alarm
  • Guard Your Phone: No One Touch My Phone - Theft Alarm

Standout Features

The app offers a range of features tailored for maximum security:

  • Diverse Alarm Sounds: Choose from various alarm sounds to suit your preference.
  • Password Protection: Activate or deactivate the anti-theft alarm using a secure password system.
  • Customizable Delays: Set a time delay for the alarm sound, providing a window for you to disarm it.
  • Notification Control: Receive notifications to start or stop the app as per your convenience.

Embracing the Security

By utilizing “No One Touch My Phone – Theft Alarm,” you’re not just safeguarding your device; you’re taking proactive steps to protect your privacy and sensitive information. This app ensures that your phone remains yours and yours alone, deterring any unwanted access.

Call to Action

If you find this application beneficial and reassuring, we invite you to support our efforts by rating and leaving a comment. Your feedback helps us continue improving and delivering enhanced security features.

In conclusion, the “No One Touch My Phone – Theft Alarm” app empowers you to confidently declare, “Don’t dare to touch my phone.” It’s your silent guardian, ensuring that your phone stays safe and secure, even in the most vulnerable situations.

Remember, with this app installed, no one can touch your mobile without setting off the alarm – a testament to its robust security measures.

1. Don’t touch my phone ™

Official SitePlay Store
Use Of The ApplicationDont Touch My Phone
Nowadays Installs10M+ Downloads (208K reviews)
App Size11MB
Offered ByTappaz Games
Released onFeb 9, 2015
App PolicySee
Contact Developer[email protected]
Don't touch my phone ™
Don’t touch my phone app

In today’s world, our smartphones contain not only our contacts and messages but also our personal lives, work data, and memories.

It’s essential to safeguard this information from prying eyes and unauthorized access. The “Don’t Touch My Phone” app is your reliable partner in ensuring the security of your device.

Why “Don’t Touch My Phone” is the Top Choice for Android Users

With over 10,000,000 downloads (01/12/2023), “Don’t Touch My Phone” stands out as one of the premier security apps for Android phones in 2023. Thank you for choosing our theft protection app to secure your device.

Examples Photos Of Don’t touch my phone ™

  • Don't touch my phone ™
  • Don't touch my phone ™
  • Don't touch my phone ™
  • Don't touch my phone ™
  • Don't touch my phone ™
  • Don't touch my phone ™

Key Smartphone Security Features:

Anti-Touch Motion Alarm Detector: This feature triggers an alert whenever someone attempts to touch or detach the charging cable from your phone.

Anti-Pickpocket Protector: Thieves detest this phone security feature as it helps prevent phone theft.

Charger Removal Alert: Warns against unauthorized charger disconnection, ensuring charging security.

Quick and Easy Setup to Prevent Unauthorized Access

  • Press START to Activate the Anti-Theft Alarm.
  • Place the Device on a Fixed Surface (e.g., Table).
  • Your Phone is Now Secured.

How “Don’t Touch My Phone” Protects Your Smartphone

The loud anti-theft alarm is triggered when:

  • The charger is Disconnected.
  • The phone is Picked Up from a Surface.
  • The phone is Stolen.
  • Unauthorized Access by Friends or Family Members.

Free Features of “Don’t Touch My Phone”

  • PIN Code for Extra Protection
  • Fingerprint Accessible to Switch Off the Alarm
  • Disconnect Charger Alarm
  • Flashlight Activation When Alarm is Triggered
  • Custom Alarm Sound Setup
  • Ultimate Security for Your Smartphone

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